Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Day 67

Last night Gus didn't sleep as well as I had hoped and to make it worse, when he got up at six this morning, he was up and ready to go for the day. Fortunately he slept for a tiny bit from 7-7:45 and I was able to get a shower while he was sleeping, but he was rearin' to go soon after.

We went over to my friend Kristen's house for a play date. Her baby Grace is four days younger than Gus and it's always fun to see them together because they're so close in age! We talked about TM and how we don't have a K15 play group and I told Kristen that she should do it. I told her I'd help her plan things... she said she'll think about it.

Here are some pictures from our fun morning at Kristen's:

We got home around lunchtime and after we had lunch I took some pictures of Gus playing with his dino-rider.
Gus took two back-to-back naps this afternoon and while he napped I Photoshopped pictures. After he got up we went downstairs and played for a bit. We got him a "Sing-A-Ma-Jig" (actually we got him two but the other one was sold out and they didn't ship it to us) and he loves it. It makes him laugh and he tries to stick his fingers in its mouth (of course he does...). 
Steve got home and we decided to go meet Wendy and the girls for dinner at Michelangelo's. They have amazing pizza (Steve doesn't love it) and it's a buffet for lunch and dinner. It was so good to see Wendy since I feel like I haven't seen her in days (because I haven't).We're going to see each other tomorrow since she'll be gone from Thursday morning through Sunday to see Ryan at the beach. I will miss her!!

It's time for me to go to bed... so see you tomorrow!!


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