Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Day with Steve

This morning I woke up and got in the shower and headed off to Southfield to meet Steve and some of his coworkers for lunch. We had Thai and it was soooo good... "Jack talk Thai" anyway, after we had lunch we hit up 7-11 and got some Slurpees and candy (for the movie) and came back to FM (Federal-Mogul) where I got to sit in Steve's cube for a while, while he worked. It wasn't too bad... my plan was to listen to my IPod while reading magazines that I brought from home but my IPod wasn't charged so that plan failed. Instead I got to listen to all the many conversations buzzing around the office.

If you've never been to a "cube farm" you're missing out. As a teacher it's something that I had only seen in movies. It's quite the place. You can hear EVERY conversation around you... phones ring through the wall and you'd swear it was YOUR phone. The best part is that you can't close your door to make the noise go away because you don't have a door!! It's crazy! Anyone with ADD could NOT function well in this environment. It's amazing to me because that's how many businesses work... there are cube farms all over and people actually come to work and go into their cube and at the end of the day come back out. Since I'm not tall (I couldn't see over the cubes) all you see is a maze. It's the weirdest place.

After spending a few hours in the cube farm we went to the Star Southfield to see Something New a movie about a very well-to-do black woman that's looking to find the I.B.M (Ideal Black Man) and instead she falls in love with her white landscaper. It was very cute and I enjoyed it, however, Steve was totally not into it. He got the tickets for free so we weren't out any money. He just didn't get into it. It's kinda like a Waiting to Exhale and How Stella Got Her Groove Back kinda movie. Basically a chick-flick.

We just got back home from our day out and I decided to come online and check my brother's blog and my sister-in-law's blog. Dave has his updated but I can't leave any comments because I'm not in his secret club (LOL) but Heather has some new pictures posted of the kids. Very cute. They're coming to visit the beginning of May.

Alrighty-- American Idol is on tonight and we're excited to see how our boy Taylor Hicks does (he's awesome). If you don't watch... you should tune in just to see him tonight. Tomorrow I've got a pedicure in the morning and then Friday I'm taking Neddy to the vet for his shots. Saturday is Genieve's wedding and we're excited to go to that and then Sunday is my last day of vacation for a while.... (HEAVY SIGH).

Talk to you later!



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