Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy 2006!!!!

We made it to 2006!! I haven't written in a few days so I'm not sure what I last wrote. LOL. Anyway, on Thursday Steve went back down to Ohio to see his mom and dad. His mom was moved to the nursing home and it is a welcomed change for her. She is much happier there and has constant activities going on to keep her busy and help her make some friends. Her only complaint is that everyone there is so much older than her (I can only imagine) but other than that she's happy to be out of the hospital.

While Steve was in Ohio Beckie came over from K'zoo and we went to the Diamondback for their Thursday night quarter beer special. We had lunch at Max-n-Erma's (they don't have them in Phoenix) and then we went with mom out to Lewis Jewelers to get her ring. It's soooo pretty. Then we had dinner with mom, dad, and Fr. Terry. Mom volunteered to drive us to the bar and pick us up (which was awesome) so I ended up getting totally tanked and didn't have to worry about driving home. We saw Sara and Amanda at the bar so we hung with them for a bit and B and I were dancing and taking pictures and meeting interesting people like Jesus Ghrist (LOL) and Jon the crazy dancer.

Friday we got up and went to Bob's for breakfast with mom and B left to go back home and I went with mom to get her hair done. Steve called to say that he was coming home early so I went home and he and I hung out for a bit and then I went to Target with mom to get some workout clothes.

Saturday was New Year's Eve and we basically got up and cleaned, went grocery shopping and then got ready for Matt & Aimee's party. It was interesting... I think the game (murder mystery) would have been 10000x better if everyone was there. The person that killed the judge wasn't even there so it kinda made it really hard and in the end it was dumb that the killer wasn't even there. We made the most of it and had fun anyway. After that we just hung out and then played Taboo and watched the ball drop. We played Battle of the Sexes (such a fun game) after that and the girls won (of course). We drove home and then this morning got up and got ready for the big Turducken day.

We had Turducken and mashed potatoes for dinner with stuffing, grandma salad, cucumber salad, and broccoli salad. It was all very tasty. We then watched the slideshow that I made for my family and my parents, Fr. Terry, Mary Breeding and Francine all just left.

We're now downloading our pictures and getting ready to hit the hay. Tomorrow we're going to Mongolian BBQ for lunch and it's our last time of eating out for a long time to come. Six more months and we're getting married!!!!



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