Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Heavy Sigh...

So yesterday I needed a day to relax and just do nothing so I called in for a sub (which I found out today was a BAD idea-- my kids were absolutely awful)... anyway so I got up and was doing nothing and I got the idea to go upstairs and try on my wedding dress. I did... and YAY it fits (I ordered a smaller size when I bought it and I had only tried it on with a bigger size)... so anyway, while I was trying it on I decided that I could call Sandals and find out what the deal was with our wedding.

I called and got the shock of my life. We were supposed to go Thursday the 6th through Thursday the 13th. We have to establish residency (48 business days not including the day of arrival). So we had it figured that we could get married on the 9th (Sunday). When I called they said that the soonest was the 12th (the day BEFORE we leave). Basically the weekends don't include the 48 hours (two busines days) so the first day would be Friday and then weekends don't count... leaving Monday, however, that's their Independence Day (how would I have known that???) so Tuesday would be the second business day and Wednesday would be the first available day. I flipped out... so long story short and several tears later... Steve called Northwest and got our flight moved a day earlier... so we get there on the 5th now (Wednesday) and then we have Thursday and Friday to establish residency and then we can get married on the weekend. SO.... our wedding day will be Saturday, July 8 at noon. I am so excited!!!

For those of you that know Aimee and Matt... you might be thinking... hmmm the 8th sounds familiar... well that's because they got married on Friday, July 8th, 2005 and this year it'll be a Saturday. So we'll be sharing an anniversary with Aimee and Matt :)

Anyway-- got to go-- American Idol is on and they're finally in Hollywood!!!! WHOO HOOO!!



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