Monday, March 20, 2006

St. Patrick's Day '06

This past Friday was St. Patrick's Day and we spent the day by going to the Claudagh (an Irish restaurant in Livonia) where we had corned beef and cabbage roll-ups (soooo good) and fish and chips. We also had beer... of course!! We listened to an Irish band for a bit and then we decided to say goodbye to the bar scene for the day and head off to see a movie. We went and saw She's the Man and it was very cute.

Friday night Steve and I had tickets to see Jim Gaffigan (comedian who talks to himself and does the whole Hot Pockets bit) in Ann Arbor. He was funny... the opening act wasn't so great, as Steve said, "Don't quit your day job."

Friday night we hit up Taco Bell (hellz yeah) and then hung out here for a while. Saturday morning we slept in, got packed and headed off to Albion, MI to spend the night at Mitch and Jess's place. They had some college friends there and it made the weekend interesting to say the VERY least.

I did get to meet Deborah and Steve... they were on the Amazing Race season 4. I am fascinated by reality television and a bit addicted... so it was incredible to meet two people who were actually on a show. Not ONLY that... but we watched the season 4 episode on the Game Show network and they were there giving us a commentary as we watched THEM on tv!!! It was so great!!

Sunday we got up and went to church (it was painful) and then went back to their place to eat some spaghetti. We sat around bsing for a while and then finally Steve made the call for us to leave. We stopped at BK because we were still hungry and we had their chocolate banana shake... soooooooo good.

Sunday night we went to my parent's house to pick up Neddy and then came back home and made dinner and watched tv.

Today at school we had a field trip to EMU to see four women sing and play African instuments. It was a lot of fun and only $1 per kid!!!

I'll talk to you later... I'm about to go to bed.



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