Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Music: "Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner"- Fall Out Boy
Mood: Tired

Spring Break!
Okay, so I finally made it to Spring Break! Wednesday I went to a conference in Toledo with Mike, Kylie and Emily and some of the fourth grade teachers. It was on the Big Blocks. It was good, the only thing is that I already do the Big Blocks so I didn't really learn anything new. It was nice to be away for the day though. I came back on Thursday for our NCA day expecting a horrible sub note but it was surprisingly awesome! The sub said that he enjoyed working with my class and they were very well behaved for him (SHOCKER).

Thursday after our 1/2 day NCA day I met Jenny at Sidetracks for lunch. I saw Amy on my way out and she told me that she and her boyfriend broke up (sad news)... but she didn't want to talk about it.

Thursday night Aimee came over and we went to Kroger to get some stuff for the AGD alumnae potluck being held by the ZA chapter. It was awesome... we got to see a lot of old friends and made some new friends and we played some games and laughed a lot. After the potluck we went to the Diamondback for their Thursday night deal. Sara and Kate met us up there and we all had a lot of fun.

Friday was Good Friday and Steve and I got up early to take Bob to the vet for her teeth cleaning (they had to knock her out for it). We started our Spring Cleaning... took all day. We completely moved the livingroom around and it looks HUGE now.

Saturday we cleaned some more and got the house ready for company on Sunday. For Easter, my mom and dad come over and Scott was there, my cousin Nick and his wife Natalie and their son Jack (he's 10 months) came over and then Mary Breeding and her friend Francine came over as well. We had ham, baked beans, potato salad and green salad and cucumber salad. It was pretty good.

Yesterday I had lunch with mom (UNO Pizzaria) and then went over to Rochelle's to get my nails done and eyebrow waxed. My nails are really sore now.

That's about it for now... this week I'm just relaxing and doing a little bit of nothing each day... looking forward to the summer when I get to do this for a few months!!



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