Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mood: Happy

Okay so my nephew Eamon celebrated his 3rd birthday yesterday! I can't believe that he's three! Where does the time go?? I can honestly remember when my brother Dave called me to tell me that Heather was pregnant. I was over at Aimee and Amy's place in Belleville sitting on the couch watching out for Axle (he's fine by-the-way) when Dave called. I was in the process of going through my divorce... I know this because I was separated from my ex and the first time that I talked to him I told him the good news. At that point it saddened me that he would not be in my life to know the joy of being an uncle to my nephew. Eamon's better off though... Steve's going to make a much better uncle than my ex would have!!

Anyway- so I don't want to jinx anything but my class is totally kicking butt!! Their behavior is excellent and I actually enjoy being around them. Too bad it took all year to get to this point 'eh? Seriously though, they're so great and each day I'm laughing and loving spending time with them. I know that this won't last and sooner or later I'll be back complaining about how much I hate my job but for now it's 100% all good.

So that's pretty much the latest from me. Dave and Heather and the kids are coming next week (Thursday but I will be in Toledo at COSI with my 5th graders) so I won't see them until Sunday. I can't wait to see them! It's been forever since I saw any of them and I miss them so much. It's so hard not being closer to them and missing out on watching the kids grow up. My mom has a hard time with it... and for the longest time it wasn't something that I really gave a lot of thought to until recently. It does make me sad that I don't get to see my nephew and niece and brother and sister-in-law. HEAVY SIGH... Such is life I suppose.

Alrighty- American Idol is about to come on and I'm going to go and see who got voted off. It's down to the top 6 so some of my favorites are going to eventually be weeded out. I hope Kellie Pickler goes home tonight... I seriously can't stand her. Elliot, Chris and Taylor are my favorites though. I think Chris will win the whole thing though.

Okay it's on-- see ya later!


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