Thursday, June 15, 2006

Song: "Let's Get Down"- Tony! Toni! Ton`e!
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Okay so it's been quite a while since I last posted onto my blog. I'll try to catch up... last time I wrote it was Memorial Day weekend. We went to the Tiger game with my 5th graders and it was fun. Not as many kids as last year, but Kori Johnson was there with her mom and brother so that was nice. The Tigers won actually and it was a great game! Steve and I got matching hats, they're the comfort band ones that look like they're fitted but they're not. I love it! We also each got a t-shirt. :)

On Monday (Memorial Day) we went over to Aimee and Matt's and swam in their pool. We also had a bbq and it was great. They got a new patio set and it's really sweet. Neddy had fun playing with his best dog pal Buddy.

The following weekend we went to Krissy and Josh's wedding. We had so much fun... we got a hotel room and we were with Aimee and Matt and Amy and Danny. The wedding was interesting... the deacon appeared to be drunk and he called them Kiersten and Justin three times. If it were me I would have been livid. We went to our hotel between the wedding and reception and then we headed to the reception early for drinks. We got completley smashed because they had an open bar and no food and we sat there for like two and a half hours drinking. Good times...

The last week of school was good. I had the parent bbq and it was nice. The parents seemed to really like it and there was more than enough food. I was pretty happy. On Thursday the 8th I had my first nail appointment with my new nail girl (her name is Dreama). She does Emily Hicks' nails and I decided to give her a try since Aleaah never called me to reappoint with her. I made each kid in my class a dvd of the year and we watched it on Thursday. It was really nice... the kids got really sentimental watching it.

Friday was the last day of school and graduation. It was weird because I was totally good until after the slide-show... and my kids all started crying. Which then made me cry. It kinda caught me off guard, even the boys were crying. We had a big group hug and it was very sweet.

On Sunday the 11th Steve and I went over to Aimee and Matt's and we drove downtown Detroit and went to the Detroit Beer Company for lunch. It was very tasty. Neither Steve nor I had ever been there (or even knew it existed). We walked to Greektown after and went to Trapper's Alley for Coldstone. We went across the street to the Astoria Bakery for some chocolate covered strawberries (yum).

So that brings us to this last week. On Monday we went to South Bend, Indiana for a training that Steve was in charge of for FM. We went to the Notre Dame campus (we stayed right across the street) and I got a t-shirt and sweatshirt. After that we went to dinner at a nice place (Bonefish Grill) on Monday night and then Tuesday he left bright and early. I checked out at noon and then spent four hours driving around South Bend. I walked around campus and took pictures and then went to the mall. I went to Build-A-Bear-Workshop and made myself a stuffed frog. He's the cutest thing in the world!! I named him Norman.

Steve is in Tennessee right now. He left yesterday and he comes home tomorrow. I'm going to Aimee's tomorrow morning to swim and get some sun and then I've got to go and get Steve from Metro. Then Saturday at 9am we've got Main Dish and then Saturday afternoon/evening I've got my bachelorette party over at Aimee's. I'm excited... there are a lot of people coming and it's a Pure Romance party then we're going to Boogie Fever for dancing and drinks. I'm looking forward to it.

I will post again after this Saturday and hopefully have some pictures as well!



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