Friday, July 21, 2006

Music: "Last Day of My Life"-- Phil Vassar
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Well I'm officially a married lady now!! We got back from the weddingmoon on the 13th at 11:45pm. I journaled while we were down there so I wouldn't forget anything but I'll try to catch you up on how it all went down.

We got to Nassau on Wednesday, July 5th around 4ish and finally got to Sandals around 5ish. There were only three other couples on the bus with us and we arrived and had champagne and filled out all their forms. I had my dress with me (I carried it) and people all over kept asking if we were getting married and congratulated us. It was really nice.

We got to our room and I could NOT believe the view. I had told Steve that I wanted an Oceanfront view but sometimes what you and I might consider oceanfront isn't what the resort considers oceanfront. Well... this was right in front of the ocean and it was breathtakingly beautiful. We decided to go and explore the resort and headed out-- I fell right on my ass (my flip-flops had no gription and it was wet from rain)... great start to the vacation! To make it worse, there's a restaurant called Baccarat that has seats in these windows and they all faced where I fell-- so everyone sitting at those tables saw me fall. :)

We ended up eating at the Japanese place and I had sushi (only shrimp, salmon, and tuna) and it was excellent. After we ate dinner we went back to our room and slept (we were exhausted from flying all day). The next day we hung out in the pool and got some sun... read and drank and then Mitch and Jess arrived (Steve's best guy friend and his wife). We ate dinner with them at the English Pub and then went to the piano bar where we sang our hearts out.

The wedding was Saturday, July 8th at noon. Steve and I had to go to downtown Nassau and file paperwork with the Bahamian government (to get married) and then we were all set. We made arrangements with our consultant Beverly and everything was set. Saturday we got up and had breakfast with Mitch and Jess and we gave Jess her gift (a jewelry box that was engraved and a really pretty necklace). We went back to the room and showered and Jess arrived... Steve left and the next time I saw him was on the beach!

I got dressed and did my hair-- nothing spectacular but it looked okay. I was so anxious!! Beverly called and said she was on her way to get me and asked if I was okay. We walked to the beach and there was Steve with his back to me (they told him to face the ocean so he couldn't see me). When it was time I walked up the beach and he turned and faced me. He gave me "our sign" and I lost it... totally started crying. I tried to compose myself but I ended up crying throughout the entire ceremony. I was just so excited and happy.

After the vows we danced to our song on the beach (Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts) and I cried again... it was absolutely perfect. There's nothing in the entire world like getting married barefoot in the Bahamas on the beach. The sun was shining, the entire atmosphere oozed romance and it was our wedding day. PERFECT!!! We took some pictures around the resort and then we had our reception complete with a cake and appetizers. The cake was soooooo good!! It was a vanilla cake with raspberry/cherry filling and the frosting was a cream cheese/butter frosting... AHHHHH!!!!

About two hours after the wedding (we had eaten lunch and finished pictures) we were in the pool relaxing as husband and wife. How many brides can say that??? It was so nice to not have to spend the entire day pleasing everyone else... it was truely about us and it was wonderful.

The rest of the week was amazing (I won't bore you with the details)... we did get a surprise when we came back to our room on our wedding night (we had a fancy-schmancy dinner that was soooo romantic-- flowers all over the table-- we were spoiled)... our room had soft music playing and there were candles lit everywhere-- and flower petals all over the bed and a heart made of Hershey kisses was on the bed. It was incredible... the maid had drawn a hot bubble bath and there were flower petals in the tub and around the edges and there were candles and kisses around the edge as well. It was such a nice surprise!!

Now we're back home and getting used to calling each other husband and wife. I like it!!! We had Main Dish Kitchen on Saturday the 15th and then we went to dinner at Steak and Ale with Aimee and Matt and then we went and saw You, Me and Dupree (so funny).

Tomorrow we're going to Nicole and Craig's for dinner and we're excited about that. Sunday I've got the JC Tiger game... we're meeting at Hard Rock Cafe in Detroit at 11 for lunch and then walking to Comerica for the 1:05 game. It's a sold out game... and we've got standing room only tickets... not sure what that means for us. I'll let you know!!

Now I'm off to have lunch with my mom at Mongolian BBQ!! See ya later!



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YAY!!! I'm so happy for you and I'm glad everything worked out!!
I'll see you in a few weeks.

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