Sunday, July 30, 2006

Song: "Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town" by Pearl Jam
Mood: Tired

So we went camping this weekend with Aimee and Matt and Matt's friends. It was so damn hot-- I can't begin to tell you how much we HATE being outside when it's hot-- much less, how much we HATE putting up a tent and sitting by a fire when it's 90+ degrees. But anyway...

Steve got home from work early on Friday (around 2ish) and we loaded up the car and got ready to head up to Sterling, MI (north of Saginaw). It didn't take us too long to get up there and we stopped at McDonald's to get dinner because we didn't feel like having to cook something after setting up the tent. We arrived around 6ish and it was still light out (thank goodness) and we put the tent up and got everything set up... it was super hot. We plugged in the fans and were able to cool off in the tent and relax a little. We stayed up telling jokes and just sitting around the fire. There were like 21 people total there (BIG group) and everyone was really nice.

Saturday we got up and had breakfast, started making lunches for the tubing trip (we thought we were doing the 5 hour trip) and then we found out that we were only doing the 2 hour and we weren't going to be able to go until after 2pm. So we just hung around the fire. Some of the group went and played volleyball and others played a game called "Horseballs."

It came time to go tubing and the water was chilly but felt great since it was so hot. I wasn't too impressed with the tubes... not very comfortable to me. Aimee had her kick-ass float and I vowed that I will get one like hers if we ever go tubing again. The river was PACKED... lots of people drinking and smoking herb... but for the most part it was relaxing and nice.

We got done with the trip and out of the 21 people, there were only five of us at the end together (the rest had stopped to drink some more and were farther back). Aimee, Matt, me, Steve, Greg's brother Eric and his wife Eve. So... here's where the drama starts. Apparently on the river this group of guys had been doing some inappropriate things and saying things to some of the women in our group... and one guy made some sexually inappropriate comments to Eve (Eric's wife). When they got out, Eve was standing with Aimee and this guy kept staring at her. (He had made comments while tubing)... and Eve asked him to please stop staring at her. He came over and got in her face (Aimee was standing there with her) and he wouldn't leave. So finally he did leave, and then Eric came over and she told him that the guy was harrassing her. So he walks over to the guy to ask him what the deal is... and the next thing we know a fight breaks out. It was awful... I felt like throwing up... the guy was HUGE and he and all of his friends jumped Eric and the guy bit him in the shoulder and on the knuckle... and there were people (and kids) all around and it was totally out of hand. The cops got called and it ended up being settled. The guy ended up leaving the scene before the cops arrived... so they were looking for him, but they found him and put him in jail for the night.

We got back to the campsite and everyone was pretty stressed and just crazy about the fight. Eric didn't go to the hospital or anything, but they put stuff on his wounds. We ended up sitting around the fire all night and it was pretty mello and then we went to bed. It got really loud and kept me up for a little bit-- then we got up early this morning and packed and came home. It was hot this morning when we left.

We came home and unloaded the car... Steve was going to put the tent up but it started raining here so we just came inside. He showered and I napped. We both just got up a little bit ago and now we're looking at cars for me online. I don't think I'm going to get the Ford Edge this year... we're going to trade Thor in on a used SUV (either a Vue or another Escape) and then wait for the Edge to get the kinks worked out and then in two years or so we'll get me the Edge.

I'm tired so I'm going to sign off.


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Ok. So that doesn't sound so fun... Next year I think "we" (me and Joey, you and Steve, Aimee and Matt) should get our own site and do our own thing... 21 loud obnoxious people is too much for my taste! :)

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