Monday, October 02, 2006

Music: "Light Up My Room"-- BNL
Mood: Happy

So today is my birthday and I'm 30!! As a kid 30 always seemed so far away... and here it is! It was a pretty good birthday all things considering. This weekend Steve planned a nice dinner with my family and it was very nice. Aimee came and totally surprised me and it was so great to see her. We went to J. Alexander's and I wasn't too impressed. Very expensive and not my kind of restaurant at all.

Sunday we went to Cindy and Bob's wedding. It was unique... that's all I'll say about that. We got home kinda late last night so it felt like our entire weekend was blown.

Today was "Hat Day" and the kids all wore their favorite hats. Diane brought in her birthday cake hat for me to wear and it was a BIG hit! One of my students brought me three roses with babys breath and then another student gave me a dozen wildflowers in a pretty boquet and a card. Then they signed a card for me and then two of my girls drew me a picture with frogs all over it for my birthday. It was very sweet. I brought in Star Crunches and Oatmeal Cream Pies for my birthday treat and the kids sang to me. :)

When I got home Steve and I went to Chin Express and got take-out and we just finished a tasty dinner. I just thought I'd blog since it's been a while.

Talk to ya later!



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