Sunday, October 29, 2006

This was our first weekend home for more than a month!! On Saturday we watched some movies... we saw Poisidon (not very entertaining if you ask me) and I finally watched Hoot. It wasn't as good as the book, but I didn't really expect that anyway. We didn't do much else on Saturday.

Today we slept in (it was so nice) and then set all the clocks back an hour (I LOVE Daylight Savings Time)!!! We ate breakfast and showered and headed off to Costco and Kroger for the weekly shopping trip. We got home and then I had to leave for Gen's house for the Junior Circle event.

We made cookies (from scratch) for the ZA and AB actives for Halloween. It was fun... but was a lot of work. I stayed until 5:15 and even that at (4 hours and 15 minutes) we still didn't have all the cookies done. We definitely could have used some additional hands to help.

Anyway- the cookie making was exciting and fun. It was nice to hang with the girls for the afternoon and talk about girl stuff. The next JC event is going to be December 2nd and we're going to have dinner and then go to the comedy club for some laughs. Should be a good time!

That's it from me..



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