Friday, June 15, 2007

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Well we are finally here in North Carolina. It's so unreal... it has not hit me yet that I'm here for good. I know in a few days it'll probably start to sink in and I'll freak out a little, but there's been so much to do, that I haven't had a chance to really think about things.

We got here Saturday night (almost a week). The drive down was interesting. We got up early Saturday morning and gave the cats their tranquilizers (a pill) so that they'd be relaxed and ready for the trip. Apparently Toebe didn't take his... but we didn't know this until after the fact. We put Hurmin into the cute (yes, cute and Steve HATED it) cat carrier... and she decided to chew her way out-- WHILE I was driving and WHILE she was doped up. It was quite interesting to drive and watch her wobble around the Escape. Toebe decided to cry and make a fuss the whole way... so in Bowling Green, Ohio we stopped so Steve could get Hurmin a new crate (NOT a cute one) and give Toebe another pill.

It was smooth sailing from that point on. It was a long drive, but we made it to our house in Holly Springs in about twelve hours or so. It wouldn't have been so long if it weren't for the dumb people at the Wendy's that we stopped at for lunch.

We spent Saturday night, Sunday night and Monday night on the cots. Steve started his job on Monday and it was exciting for him. Our things came in two different loads. The first load came on Tuesday, even though they said it would be there Monday.

So Tuesday was spent unpacking box after box. Steve's sink in the master bathroom was cracked (some pipe under) so the plumber had to come... he got here and didn't have the right part and said he'd come back the next day (he didn't come until today).

Wednesday the cable guy came to install the cable. We have it all hooked up, but we can't locate box 142 (it has our DVD player, VCR, surround-sound stuff and all of our remotes)... so we can't fully set-up our television and cable. Just a bit annoying. I got the kitchen almost unpacked (one more box).

Thursday the rest of our stuff came... and I got to stand outside and check off the boxes that were being unloaded from the truck. It was a waste of a day. The washer and dryer arrived but they didn't have all the parts or the stacking kit (we ordered it but they didn't have it with them)... so we have a washer and dryer that we can't use. We're missing several things from the move... so we can't put our bed together (we're missing a HUGE part) and we're waiting for box 142 to show up.


Today I got some things settled for Wake County and I had to drive to the WCPSS offices and pick up my orientation packet. I have an orientation to go to on the 22nd (Friday). I wasn't sure how to get there, so I went to their website and followed their directions. WRONG MOVE. I ended up driving all over and couldn't find the street that they said to take. THANK GOD I have my SK3... I was able to get onto the web and go to Google maps and get directions. Turns out I could have taken a very direct route... and I was able to get home in 20 minutes. At least I know for the training.

Tonight we got more boxes unpacked and our office is coming along. We're trying to throw away a lot of things and not have so much junk. It's easier said than done though.

Next week I have a meeting on Wednesday (the 20th) with the curriculum person at my school. Then on Friday I have the Wake County orientation. Next Tuesday (the 26th) I have another training from Wake County (not manditory but I was told it'd be very helpful) and then Wednesday and Thursday I am going to a Math Trailblazers (the math program that my building uses) training. Then Monday the 2nd is when I go back to work!

Talk about a short vacation! The good news is that I am in school from July 9th through July 27th and then I'm off until August 20th. At least I'll have August off and I can go to the pool and get a tan.

Time for bed...

Until next time!



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