Saturday, September 22, 2007

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Well... last time I wrote was almost two weeks ago. It's not like a whole lot has changed since then, but there have been some updates. First of all... I'm not sure about how I like working at my school. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the people that I'm working with (which is a good change), but my principal is a whole different story.

She's the reason I am there. When I did my phone interview, I went into it with a very laid-back attitude because I didn't want to teach in a year-round school. I looked at the interview as a practice for the ones that I really wanted. After talking to my principal, I really started to consider the school. Then she called me... several times... to let me know that she was really excited to have me join her staff and she felt I'd make an outstanding addition. When we flew down for our house hunting, we toured the school and she was great.

So what happened? I'm not sure. Since starting she's been really weird to me and not friendly at all. I've talked to people about it (thinking it was something I did)... it's just how she is.

I had my first observation. I was very nervous... but I honestly felt the lesson went well. She called me into her office the next day and ripped me up one wall and down the other. She accused me of not teaching the curriculum (HELLO-- one of my degrees is Curriculum and Instruction and I ALWAYS make sure to follow the required curriculum!!!)... and then basically told me that the way that I was teaching guided reading was wrong. She said that in all the years that she's been in education, she's NEVER seen anyone teach guided reading like I did.

You might be asking... "What did you do that was so different?" Good question. I asked several people that I teach with... and they all do it the same way that I do. Katie (also new) even called her mom (a principal) and asked her mom and her mom said that it sounded good. So I don't know.

It's been disappointing. I really like the people that I teach with... but I don't think I can stay there another year. I'll stick it out through this year, but I don't know if I'll be back next year.

I told Steve that we need to get pregnant so I can have babies and stay home and raise them. I wasn't kidding.

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