Saturday, October 20, 2007

I made it to track out!

Where do I begin? Let's see... Michael at work officially resigned on Monday. Talk about shocking! He said he just couldn't do the year round school anymore and he was feeling tired all the time and sick of giving 100% and having nothing to show for it. He said that he had just gotten caught up and then with tracking out, he knew he'd get behind again and feel bad coming back. I'm not sure why he felt that way, but that's what he told me. He doesn't have another job lined up and said he wasn't sure if teaching is what he wants to do. It's a hard job... very little praise for a job well-done, lots of criticism when you don't do a perfect job and there are 24 little people that you must be always aware of and doing your all to help succeed. It's definitely not a profession for everyone.

Anyway... I made it to tack out and I am excited! I stayed late on Wednesday and had a few parents come and help me take things off the walls. Then on Thursday, there were a few parents that came and helped me clean the room. On Friday, I had the kids empty their desks and clean them and the room was so empty! It's amazing to see just how much of my own personality is in the room. The kids all commented on how boring it looked and how they can't wait to come back to a room that's decorated again.

Katie moved into my old room, so she was there getting it set up. When I track in, I'll be in Laura's room and she's probably not going to let me in to decorate until after she's out. Whatever...

Yesterday after school, Lisa followed me home and then she and Steve and I met Katie and Judson at Chili's for dinner. We then went to the haunted forest ( It was okay... they didn't take anything but cash and Steve and I NEVER carry cash. Luckily Lisa had some cash that we were able to borrow.

The haunted forest was fun, but definitely weird being in NC. There's something about going to a haunted house/forest in the fall and the air is crisp and chilly. Not down here... it was hot and humid. It didn't quite feel right. It was $15 per person to go in and it wasn't worth the money. Not enough scare for me. Though, at the end there was a guy in one of the port-o-potties and he jumped out and scared the crap out of us (lol).

Tonight we're going to Lisa's for a party. Not many people from work are going to be there, but it should be fun. I need to call Katie and find out if she wants to ride together. I am dragging Steve with me (lucky him)... but she's not making Judson go (lucky him).

I'll let you know how it goes!!

Five more days and I go home to Michigan!!!!!


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