Sunday, January 13, 2008

Song: "The Way I Am" Ingrid Michaelson (The Old Navy Sweater Song)
Mood: Tired and Sad that it's Sunday

I was reading something in People magazine that really caught my eye and made me think. It was an article about these children in New Jersey that need to be adopted. It was a project and there are 100 kids and they're all older than 10. There are pictures and little statements from each child and the goal is to get them all adopted in 2008.

Anyway, it made me think about adoption and really touched me. I want to adopt a child and not a baby. I would love to adopt a child that's older than four years old and actually give them a nice life. My mom was in foster care for a bit and the thought of her and her siblings being in foster care kills me. I know there are some kids that just want to be loved. One of the kids in the magazine was asked to describe the happiest moment of his life and he couldn't because it hasn't happened yet. It just broke my heart.

So we'll see. Steve isn't big on adoption. He wants to have his own children. I do too... but I also want to adopt. I always have, ever since I was younger. I might start looking more seriously at what the process is. I am sure that there are lots of kids older than four, here in North Carolina. We'll see.

In other news, I was observed for the second time last Monday. G came into my room right before reading and said, "I'm here to observe you." This was an unannounced observation. She had sent me an email back in December saying that she wanted to schedule the second observation, then immediately wrote back and said it was a mistake because the second and third ones are unannounced.

Anyway, I was REALLY nervous. I think you all remember how negative the first observation was. So bad that I really was considering leaving OG next year. I was elated to hear that G is moving to a new school on February 1st. So, I thought my lesson went well, but I thought that the first time too.

She scheduled my post conference for Thursday during my planning. All morning I was nervous. I didn't know what to expect. However, I went in and she was really nice, kinda chatty (which was weird since she never talks to me). She told me that she loved my lesson. She said there's a certain "energy" when she enters my room and she loves it. She said it's a positive feeling and she can tell my kids enjoy being in the room. Then she told me that I did a great job with the lesson itself. These words came out of her mouth, "Cathy, you're a really good teacher." AHHHHH!!! Whoo hoo!! We talked about her leaving and about her being nervous about opening a new school, and then she said that she would miss me. She also said that she's glad that she hired me and that she would hire me again. SHOCKING!!!

To say that I was happy and yet surprised would be an understatement. I went into the conference expecting the absolute worst, but fortunately, I came out with more than I had ever expected.

It felt really good to hear her tell me that she was glad that she hired me. She also told me that there was a parent that was with a group of other parents (she didn't know/recognize the mom), but the mom told her that she's always had excellent teachers since her children have been at OG, but that I am the absolute best teacher that they've ever had. :)

So... all in all it was wonderful. I am now counting down the days to track out. We have this next week as a full week and then Monday is MLK day and no school. I have Tuesday the 22nd and then I track out at 4pm on the 23rd! YAY!!

I went to the salon yesterday (finally) and got my hair high(and low)lighted. I also got it cut. It's kinda short!! I like it though. I also got my eyebrows waxed! I am so excited to have nice eyebrows again!!

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