Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Song: "Let's Get It Started" by the Black Eyed Peas
Mood: Exhausted

Okay... so the EOGs are over and I am totally stressed. I feel like a complete failure. As I walked around the room yesterday and today (math), I saw so many things that I KNEW my kids probably didn't know. I held after school EOG clinics for two days a week for more than four weeks. The kids that came to the EOG clinics probably did AWESOME because everything that I reviewed in the clinics were on the EOGs. However... they didn't all come, and I have my doubts about how well they did. Which totally sucks.

My principal still doesn't know what's happening for next year. No idea about numbers or classrooms or anything. I have no idea if I'm going to be moving out of my room each time I track out or every other time like it has been. The good news about that whole deal is that one of the resource room teachers that's on track three said I could store my stuff in her room during track out. WHICH IS AWESOME because I was freaking out about where I'd put my stuff. Sadly, I was going to have to take home all of my books.

Tomorrow we're going out to dinner for Katie... she'll be going to the new school and we're having a farewell dinner for her. Lisa isn't going. It's so weird how close they were all year and then in February it all changed. Not sure exactly what caused it but they pretty much hate each other. Sigh...

Anyway- I'll get my scores for math on Friday (hopefully) and then we won't get the reading scores until October/November. I'll write with my info when I get it. Say a prayer for me and my kids that we did well!! I'm going to feel like shit if they don't do well. I'll feel like a failure. :(

Heavy sigh...
Until next time...


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