Saturday, June 28, 2008

Watching: LOST 2-hour season ending (just now getting around to it)
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Steve and I watch a show on A&E called Intervention. It's about people with various addictions. They usually think they're doing a documentary about their addiction and then the cameras follow them around and film what their days look like. They interview the family and friends and then at the end of the show, there's a pre-intervention. This is when the friends and family meet with the person from the show and they talk about what's going to happen and what they need to do to help the individual. Then they have the intervention and the person thinks they're going to their final intereview, but they walk into a room with their friends and family. They usually freak out a little (or a lot) and then the friends and family lay it all on the line for them. They are always asked if they will get treatment or not, and if they will, they leave immediately. It's usually really emotional and stressful.

So, last night, Steve and I watched one about a guy named Dan. He was an alcoholic and was living in Hawaii with his wife and infant daughter. When they showed the background of this guy, I couldn't help but think about something that I had never thought of before. Dan had an older brother that ran way from home when Dan was only eight. His brother ended up raping and murdering someone and was put in prison. Eventually, the brother was sentenced to death when Dan was in high school.

The parents ended up doing all that they could to appeal the decision, they spent all their time and money on lawyers for the brother. While this happened, Dan's life spun out of control. The whole family was ripped apart and basically collapsed when the brother was put to death. The parents were interviewed and you could really feel their emotions when they talked about their son being in prision and then put to death.

It made me think about something that I had never really thought about before. I am definitely not in favor of the death penalty, never have been. I couldn't even imagine how awful it would be if one of my brothers were sentenced to death and there was nothing that I could do about it. I guess I've just never really thought about the people that are related to a murderer. I have always thought about the victim and their families, but never really gave much thought to the murderer's family. So very, very sad.

Anywho, Dan's family had the intervention and all of them told him how they felt about his addiction. He accepted help and the show gave an update about him. He has been sober for like seven months or something, and it was a good ending for the show (sometimes, they don't have such happy endings).

Enough for now... I need to finish watching LOST. I'll blog again soon with information about the Bull's game from last weekend and then some info about my last day of school (yesterday).

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