Thursday, January 21, 2010

Well time has gone by again without me realizing it!! So from the end of November (Thanksgiving) until now, we've had quite a few good things happen for me to share.

We are in the middle of our home study for CAS-- we should be done with the whole thing and on the waiting list by the end of February!! YAY!! We are so excited! I just hope that someone picks us!! Nothing like putting yourself out there and then not being picked!

I am tracked out right now... today is my first day! I absolutely love track out! I had an interview with Scholastic this afternoon for their Teachers Advisory Board for their Book Clubs. I think it went awesomely well! I will hear back from them by the end of January if I am selected! Keep your fingers crossed!!

I turned in my Teacher of the Year portfolio for Wake County last week. They're not due to the county until tomorrow, so between Monday and March, I should hear something! If I am selected I'll be in the top 24. From there they'll come and do a classroom observation and then if needed a personal interview and then they'll pick their top 12 and then the Wake County Teacher of the Year.

So... lots of great things happening for me. I'm very happy and blessed. It's always during these good times that I start to freak out a bit and wait for the bottom to drop and something bad to happen. Let's hope that things are good and will just stay this way!!

I'll write again soon... I promise. ;)

Until next time...


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