Monday, March 29, 2010

We are going to meet with Doris at CAS on Thursday!!! That means that we'll be on the waiting list and one step closer to Tadpole Walker! I am so excited I can't even express it!

The other day I was watching 16 and Pregnant (on MTv) and the girl decided to give her baby up for adoption. It was so hard to watch and I boo-hooed at the end when she said goodbye to the baby. It was interesting to see her meet with the adoptive family and see that they were just as nervous as she was. It made me think about how nervous Steve and I will be when we get a call (if we get a call).

I am in the fourth quarter of the year at school. This year has really gone by fast! I only have three more weeks for my last track out of this year! I'm still trying to decide if we should go to Michigan or not. Once we get a baby we'll be going to Michigan for the Baptism, but if we don't get a baby right away... that's more time without seeing my family and I miss them!!

Anyway, I'll post again once we meet with Doris!!
Until next time...


Andrea said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Its not if you get the call, its WHEN you get the call! People would be crazy to pass you guys up for parents!! :)

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