Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One week from today is my last day of school. I am slated to be back to school for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but we still have not heard anything from the lawyer. It's been two weeks and a day since the paperwork was filed with Macomb County and the Michigan Interstate Compact office.

As soon as we hear something we can go home. It's going on four weeks since I last saw Steve and I miss him terribly. Gus and I moved to my parent's house from the hotel about three weeks ago. Gus got a cold and after taking him to the doctor, she said the hotel air was probably drying out his nasal passage and it'd be better for him to be here with my parents. It's been an adjustment-- I'm glad to be around them and spend time with them, but I miss the space of the hotel, and the privacy. I can't complain though because it's saving us a lot of money and my parents get to be around Gus each day and watch him grow and develop.

I was stressing about work and my dad and I went to dinner last night and we were talking about it. He basically told me that unless I can control it, there's no point in stressing about it. He's totally right, and I have decided to just let go and let things happen as they're going to happen. There have been a lot of rumors about me at work and it bothers me, but there is nothing I can do about it.

Gus is doing great! He's a very cute little man and I love spending time with him. Lately he's been very snuggly and wanting to cuddle to fall asleep on me. It's very sweet! He actually rolled over from his tummy to his back last week, and I got it on the Flip, but he hasn't done it since. It's a good thing I had the camera!! He's starting to practice his smile and is a very laid-back and happy baby. I can't wait to bring him home to NC for Steve to bond with him and see how much he's changed!!

I joined a group called and I am so excited to get home and start using it! Basically it sends me a week's worth of recipies and then also the shopping list for all the meals. It'll make things so much easier for me and Steve!! I'm hoping that I can either have Steve watch Gus while I make dinner, or make a bunch of the meals earlier in the week and freeze them to just grab as needed during the week.

I have REALLY gotten into World Cup soccer while I've been here. It's absolutely awesome! My dad and I watched the very intense USA/Algeria game this morning and it was awesome! USA won the match (and their group) into the stoppage time... it was so incredible to watch!

Alright... enough for now. I hope the next time I blog it'll be from home!!
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I signed up for e-mealz also. I am on the weight watchers points plan. I love it but some of the foods I will not cook. Like the fish ones. I am not a fish fan so we have to get our omega 3s somewhere else lol.

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