Thursday, September 02, 2010

So I was in Gus's nursery this morning feeding him, and I had this random thought. It's so surreal that we actually have a baby! I wanted to be a mom for so long, and went each month praying that we'd get pregnant... only to be devistated each month. We literally went to a baseball game as two parentless people, and fifteen hours later we were holding our son. Our lives were changed forever for the better.

Sometimes I look at Gus and I can't believe that he's real. I can't imagine my life without him and it's like God created him just for us. Gus's birthmother is just an amazing person. She is so strong and was so determined to give him the absolute best life possible, and without hesitation she chose us for him. I can never thank her enough and can never express how much he means to me. I think adoption is an amazing thing and has just really deepened my faith.

Gus is so amazing. I am deeply in love and one little smile from him is all it takes for me to completely melt. He is funny and has started to develop quite the personality. He and I have conversations and he laughs and smiles. The best is when I'm feeding him and he stops eating just to smile and then he makes this super-sweet coo... he's perfection.

My parents are coming down for a visit TOMORROW!!! I cannot wait to see them!! It's been almost two long months. While I was there, I couldn't wait to come home to NC and be with Steve and have Gus here in our house with the things we bought/received for him. As soon as I got here, I longed for home and to be with my parents and brothers and their families. It's so hard to be here without any family... it's absolutely heart-wrenching.

I was actually thinking about family when my niece Lily turned one. It broke my heart that we couldn't be there for her first birthday. Dave and Heather and the kids were in town and able to be there for the party and event, and of course my parents were there. While I appreciated the pictures and video that my dad took for me, it made me very sad to be so far away from everyone. Then I was thinking about when Gus turns one. Who will be here for his big birthday? It made me sad because I don't know if anyone but us will be here.

So here's an announcement for all family reading this... Gus will be one on May 11th. It's a Wednesday. We'll be having his first birthday party on the 14th (a Saturday)... put it in your planners/calendars and mark it so you can make a trip to NC to celebrate with us!!! Let's plan on 1:00 and we'll have a BBQ with it.  :)

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