Thursday, December 30, 2010

So a couple months ago, Burt's Bees decided to ask their employees if they'd be willing to do Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University Workplace Edition. The deal was, if you signed up for the program and completed it, BB would reinburse you like 90% of the cost. We thought this was an awesome deal and something that interested both of us. Well... the FPU has been sitting in its box for the last few months just collecting dust. I told Steve yesterday that I was ready to begin and turn over a new leaf for the new year.

Today we listened to two of the sixteen one-hour sessions. It was awesome... not only was Dave Ramsey spot-on and so accurate about spending and whatnot, but he was funny and engaging. While we listened, I had the workbook in front of me and was filling in information as the session moved forward. Steve sat and listened and then we'd pause the CD and talk about what we were hearing. It was great!!

I feel really empowered and we're only on the second session! I hope that we can listen to more sessions tomorrow and then get to the budgeting part... that's REALLY where we (mainly I) need help. We don't have credit card debt, but our home, cars, and my student loans are considered debt, and will be things that we focus on paying off through this program. I need something that'll keep my spending in check. I've decided to use cash only... and if there's something I want online, I'll give Steve the cash for it to use to pay off the debt.

When we looked at our finances and decided that it was possible for me to stay home with Gus, I had no idea just how much of a sacrafice it'd be. Before, with two incomes, we were living VERY comfortably and able to buy anything we wanted. That was all BG... now that there's only one income, I've been still spending like there are two... and making it impossible to save anything.

All that's in the past and I'm chalking it up to 2010 and leaving it here. In 2011 it'll be a new leaf with new ideas and new priorities. I'm excited about it.

Today Gus did the most amazing thing EVER!!! He was on the floor laying down... then was in the crawling position, and actually sat up on his own from the floor!!! It was incredible and had I not been there to see it, I wouldn't believe it! He was on his back playing one second, and sitting up unassisted the next. He amazes me with what he's able to do!!

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and we're going to go over to Wendy and Ryan's and have pizza and munchies and chill with them, and then put the kids to bed and watch Inception (I can't wait to see it). Then we'll welcome the New Year and head to bed! It'll be fun to spend the night hanging with them!! I'd love for my parents to be here like they have for the last two years, but it's not possible this year... so Wendy and Ryan are the next best thing!

Oh... and starting on Saturday, I'll be posting each day (I hope)... we'll see if I can do that. It might be hard, but I'm going to try!!!

Until next time...


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