Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jury Duty

For Real

I received a summons for Jury Duty. My immediate reaction was, "Oh shit." Not because it's a terrible thing, but because we live in Fulton County and it means I have to drive downtown during rush hour traffic (I have to check in at 8am). BLAH.

The flip side is that I am a little excited. I had to fill out a special survey and mail it back in. I guess based on my answers they have some info on me???? No clue why they asked if I had State Farm or Allstate insurance (We have Allstate). So it was odd... but whatever.

I will have to call the day before and see if I am needed still. If I am, I will drive to Turner Field (where the Braves play) and park in the yellow lot. Then a shuttle will drive me (and the others called for jury duty) to the Fulton County Courthouse. 

One thing that has me worried is this... what if I go and then I'm not picked (or not needed)? Are there shuttles constantly going back and forth from the court house to the yellow lot? I certainly hope so. And what if I am picked... how long will I be needed? Would I be sitting on a case immediately or would I have to come back for one?

 I've only received a summons on other time (when we lived in Holly Springs). I called the day before and I was not needed so I never had to go. I was dreading that one too because we lived in Wake County and I would have had to drive to Raleigh. Looking back, I'd take a drive to Raleigh over a drive into downtown Atlanta any day.

I do hope that if I am picked, that I get to serve on a REALLY interesting case. I think the whole process is pretty amazing and I know there are people who are NEVER picked for JD. I could have deferred it because I'm the primary care provider for a child under the age of six... but I figured to just get it over with.
 Hopefully, whatever the case is, I'll find it worth my time. I'm dreading driving all the way down and just having to turn around. 

Steve is going to work from home and take care of Gus while I'm gone. I guess we'll have to wait and see if I am needed or not!!


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FWIW...we have Allstate (said in their spokesman's low voice)....

TTABaby said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I really enjoyed jury duty. I didn't get selected and I was disappointed.

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