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Halloween Festival (10-18-12)

What can brown do for you?

A couple of my friends in my MOMS Club told me about the Halloween Festival at the East Roswell Recreation Center on Thursday night. I wasn't sure if Steve would want to go, so the backup plan was to go with Lesley and Logan. When I asked Steve if he wanted to go, he said sure. I made sure that he knew that he "didn't have to go" if he didn't want to, but he said he couldn't let us go without him (such a smart man).

We had a morning at the mall and played at the softplay area for a few hours and I wasn't sure if Gus would take a nap or not. He's been iffy here lately. Our going to the Halloween Fest was all contingent upon him taking a nap or not, and what time he woke from said nap. The event was from 4:30-7:30 and it was a good 1/2 hour to get there- add in traffic, and it wasn't a sure thing that we'd be going.

For whatever reason, Gus decided that a nap wasn't in his plans for the afternoon. So instead, we had plenty of time to get ready so that as soon as Steve got home, we could head out. Gus has three different costumes, so I decided to go with the UPS costume for the Halloween Fest. He looked so cute and to our surprise, he wore the hat the entire night! Here are some pictures of us before we left for the event:

He may be the cutest UPS boy ever to don the uniform!

We arrived at the ERRC at the same time as my friend Kirsten and her husband and their son Sam. We walked in together and then met up with Lesley and Logan. We didn't talk much and soon after the three of us parted ways.

We headed into the trick or treat room and Gus enjoyed walking around and collecting candy, a balloon, and a TON of compliments! He really did look cute in his costume!

From there, we headed to the room next door and it was full of jumpys and many different games! Gus was eager to check everything out and kept Steve very busy. :-)  He loved the jumpy and had a great time playing the different games. His favorite part was when he got to pick a prize just for playing!
Inside the jumpy

Daddy to the rescue!

Running away!

And snatched back up into Daddy's arms!

The pumpkin toss game

He said, "Oooooh" when he got to pick a prize!

The spider toss

He was supposed to throw a bat into a mailbox, but he decided to place it in there and put up the flag. The delivery man in him couldn't resist!
Another turn picking a prize!

Throwing a ball into a spider web net

Gus played almost all the games so we headed out to the craft section. We went into a room where he got to make a Halloween necklace. Steve helped him and I took pictures of the sweet moment.
Getting their necklace prepared

Snuggled with Daddy

Picking out his beads

The finished necklace

He wore it for about a minute and then wanted it off  :-)

After making a necklace, we went to the face painting room, but they weren't painting faces. They were only doing tattoos, so Gus got a Frankenstein tattoo on his hand.

I guess wearing a million bracelets on both arms is back in style (it reminded me of when I was in Jr. High and had seven watches and a million bracelets that went up to my elbow on both arms)

We were done seeing everything and decided to just take a few pictures of Gus. One of the members at W50 is UPS, so Steve wanted some pictures of him and Gus to share with their member. They turned out really cute!
Walking far ahead but checking to see that we were still in sight  ;-)

Family picture

My two favorite boys!

It was 6:15 and we decided to call it a night. We headed to the car, loaded everything up and headed home. It was a lot of fun and totally free. We'll definitely be back next year!
Me and Gus (and his balloon) heading to the car

Reading a book while I loaded the stroller into the car!


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