Thursday, November 08, 2012

Speech Therapy

This afternoon, Gus's speech therapist (Rebecca) and his service coordinator from Babies Can't Wait (Atasha) came to the house for our first official visit. We didn't get to any actual therapy today, because we spent the time discussing goals for Gus and trying to nail down a day of the week and time for therapy.

We didn't specify a time for him, but we did pick Tuesday as our therapy day. I think we'll be doing around 11:30/12:30 but it's not confirmed. We will be in Florida next Tuesday, so instead of skipping a week, we're going to do Monday at 11:15 instead. 

I'm eager to see what can be done and what activities and games we can do with Gus to keep his speech going. He was very friendly with them today and was excited to keep giving them high-fives (his new favorite thing to do).

I'm hopeful and excited for Monday and hope that it goes well!!


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