Saturday, May 04, 2013

5-2-13 Disney on Ice

On Monday (April 29th), I was on Facebook and saw something posted by Atlanta Parent Magazine. It was a question about their May issue, and the first person to answer correctly, would win a family four pack of tickets to see Disney on Ice at the Arena at Gwenette Arena. The question was, "In our May issue, how many Mother's Day gift ideas do we give?" There was one answer already and the person had guessed 10.

I decided to quickly look and see if I could find the right answer. I went to their website, found the May issue, quickly looked through it and there was my answer: 135.

I went back to their FB question and was delighted to see that no one had answered yet. I quickly typed 135 and waited. Within seconds, they replied that I had won!! I got a message from them saying that I'd need to come pick up the tickets. Perfect!!!

I drove over on Tuesday after dropping Gus off for school. It was relatively easy to get there and there were no problems getting the tickets from them. 

I called Steve and told him that I had won tickets for the Thursday night show. He was as excited as I was. I had wanted to get tickets for this for Gus's birthday, but when I looked into buying tickets, I couldn't see myself paying $30-$45 a ticket for this. I'm so thankful that I was able to win and we could go!!

We headed over on Thursday and decided to grab dinner close to the venue. We saw a Carrabba's and decided that it was just about perfect. We hadn't been there in a really long time, and we had about an hour and a half to kill before heading into the show. It was deeeeeeelicious! I had shrimp and scallops and we had a Four Square check-in coupon for a free appetizer. It was really yummy.

We walked into the Arena at 6:45 and had just enough time to get Gus a glowing Mickey Mouse torch thingy (to play with in the dark), a drink for me, and a bucket of popcorn for us to share. We took Gus's booster seat in with us and we were able to strap him into the seat. ;-)  He was so happy and still had no idea what we were doing there. Hugh was just happy to be worn by daddy in the Ergo.

I did not know if Mickey or Minnie would be there, so I never said anything to Gus about it. He wasn't sure what we were doing there and was just happy to have popcorn and his toy. When Mickey and Minnie came out, he flipped out. Then Donald came out and he started screaming and then Goofy came out too and he was so excited!! It was so funny and so magical. It reminded me of the first time he saw Mickey "Ma-mauche" at Disney World in November.

The first act was Cars and he was so excited to see Ramone, Flo, Sally, Mater, and of course, Lightning McQueen. Gus loved it. It was only 10 minutes or so though. Then Goofy came out with the other three and dropped water onto the ice and it suddenly turned into the Little Mermaid. Gus loved this one too. This was about 20 minutes long.

Waving to Mickey


Tinkerbell floating

Saying bye to Tinkerbell

The only one that he wasn't super thrilled with was the Pixie Hollow fairies, and Tinkerbell. However, he still liked it and was entertained, so I was happy.

Then there was an intermission and they came back with an hour of Toy Story 3. It was a great two hours and we had so much fun!!!

Toy Story 3

He finally fell asleep... it was like 9:00

Waving bye to Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy

Let's go!!

In the car on the way home

It was so fun and I'm so glad we got to take Gus! I wasn't sure how he'd do with it, but he really enjoyed it. I'm surprised that Hugh liked it as much as he did too! He was very entertained and enjoyed watching from our laps!!


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