Saturday, June 08, 2013

"A Haircut... A Haircut... Ooooohhhhh"

This morning we got up and went to soccer. Gus did an OUTSTANDING job of going potty there and we didn't have an accident at all. He's wearing undies and we're so excited for him.
See how long his hair is?

I was constantly brushing it off to the side so he could see!

After soccer, we decided to stop at the hair place for kids and see about getting haircuts for Gus and Hugh. We had wanted to wait a bit before getting Hugh's hair cut for the first time, but it was so long it was in his eyes. No fun for him. AND... being so long, we couldn't style it at all (too long for spikey hair) and people always assumed he was a girl (I mean he IS pretty).

Look at that little baby sitting in the big kid car seat!!!

Taking the before picture

And after!!

We did the first haircut package and got a certificate, a lock of his hair, and a before and after picture:
Before and After picture

Another big day here at the Walker house!!!


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