Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Year Ago Today

It's remarkable to think that it was a year ago today that I received a message from B that said, "I do believe your family would be awesome." The funny thing is that I didn't get that message until July 18th, 2012. Her email to me went to my spam folder and I was completely unaware.

I consider July 18th our "Match" day because that's the first time that the emailing between us began off Baby Center.

I still look at Hewy and can't believe that he's almost seven months old. Where is the time going? Seriously. I vowed when Gus was growing that with a second baby, I would hold on to every second so they didn't pass as quickly. I hate to say this, but I feel like it's going even faster now that I've got two kiddos. 

Gus is making so many great gains with speech and language (all on his own). He has a few favorite phrases, one of my favs is when he says (with total inflection in his voice), "Oh ma gosssssshhhh" and when he wants me to be quiet (or anyone for that matter), he puts a finger (or hand) over my mouth and says, "Hush, mama."

Gus was promoted to level RED for swimming, which might not seem like a big deal, but he was at the WHITE level (zero swimming abilities) for the entire first session. He's getting more and more comfortable and is even jumping in without holding anyone's hand (jumping into the water from the deck and without a lifevest). He's so great.
Now we're working on floating on his back for five seconds

I am still a bit shocked that we're done with the adoption process. As much as it was a lot of work, I feel like we had enough time to really get things organized and collected, and had the experience of a previous adoption to help us out as well. 

I still long to have three kids. In a year and a half, I'd love to have another baby in our home and have three kiddos all two/three years apart. I know Steve is totally against it, but who knows what will happen. I mean, a year ago, I would have never dreamed that we'd have a sweet chunk of Hugh upstairs snoozing away in his crib.

Feeling so blessed tonight.


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