Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

We have been so busy lately! I feel like this last week was packed full of a lot of fun and I thought I'd share some of my favorite things that we did.

The boys go to playgroup each week, and while Hugh always goes with me to Gus's playgroup, he also has one of his own that he attends on Wednesday mornings while Gus is at school. This week was their holiday party and it was a lot of fun for the moms and the kiddos. Here are some pictures of Hugh as a Christmas tree with his little friends.

Hugh is definitely in a phase where he does not like to be away from me or Steve. He loves to be held and if you put him down for even a second, he starts to cry. It's quite pitiful.

We sent out our Christmas cards (we had three different designs this year) and also enjoyed some playtime in the garage one day while Hugh napped.
 Relaxing after school one day

Here are some other random pictures:

 We are doing Book Advent this year-- I'll write a post after we've finished on the 25th

This past weekend, I took Gus to the living nativity with Lesley and Logan. We went to two different ones, and they were very cool. Gus enjoyed seeing the animals and of course, baby Jesus at the end.

 The clothing store
 The book mark store
 At the gold store, Gus was given a gold cup to give to baby Jesus in the manger
 Hot cocoa after
 This was at the second living nativity-- It was 9pm and Gus was ready for bed...

 Checking out the beds at the inn

We went to the Lowe's Build and Grow clinic on Saturday and Gus made a holiday train. I think it's his favorite thing that he's made so far.

Saturday afternoon, I was able to go and get my hair cut! It was the first time since April and she cut just over eight inches off. I should have done a before picture to show how long it was!! I love it now and it's so easy to manage, and I can actually let it down and not always pull it into a ponytail.

Yesterday, Gus and I attempted to make sugar cookies. They turned out okay, but not the greatest things I've ever made. He had fun though, and loved his Mickey Mouse cookies.

Tomorrow is Hugh's first birthday. I am still in shock that a year has passed already. I'll be writing about him tomorrow... so be on the look out for a sappy post about my baby boy.

His party is tomorrow as well and we're in the final stages of preparing for it. I'll need to head to the grocery store to pick up some things and then we'll be set! I'm eager to have friends come over to celebrate with us. We have 18 adults and 20 kids coming to his party. I'll say we are quite loved and so very blessed to be surrounded by people who care about us. 

Until tomorrow...


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