Sunday, January 25, 2015

Beach Vacation- December 27 and 28

Back in 2012, we needed to find a place to stay in North Carolina as we waited for Hugh to be born and then after as we waited for ICPC clearance. One of my former fourth grader's, her mom, contacted us and said her sister had a condo right on the beach in Carolina Beach, NC, and if we wanted to stay there, we were welcome to it. When we went back to the beach last year, we had hoped to stay at the same condo, but found out that it was being rented and not available.

We used Air B&B to find the place that we stayed at last year (also in Carolina Beach, NC) and we liked it a lot, but my mom had a heck of a time with the stairs. Truth be told, the stairs were hard on everyone-- especially on the unloading/reloading the car and after grocery store trips. We decided that this year, we'd look to see if we could find a place with an elevator.

Not only did we find a place with an elevator, but we found a place that was on the top floor (11th floor) and it was INCREDIBLE. We booked it back in June and anxiously awaited our annual trip to the beach.

Like last year, my parents drove down to NC and met us at the condo, and then stayed the week there with us. Where we stay is only a few hours from where Hugh's birth mom and siblings live, so we were excited that they'd be coming to stay overnight again this year. We only get to see them once a year, so we really look forward to this visit with them!

We headed to NC around 10:30am on Saturday, December 27th and arrived around 4pm. We were able to go grocery shopping and get it all unloaded with enough time to greet my parents.

Ahhhh... naptime

Gus napped too!

On the 28th, we were met with AMAZING weather! It was in the mid-60s and sunny. We got up and got dressed and then we were ready to head to the beach for some fun in the sun!!

The pictures don't do the view justice! It was so amazing to be up so high and be able to see so much! My mom stayed in the condo while we went to the beach.
Excited to head to the beach!

If you look all the way to the top left-middle you can see my mom on the balcony watching us :-)

Gus was having fun getting water to make sand castles

He almost fell in!

Bringing Pap some sand tea :-)

We were excited to be able to watch the Bengals game and the boys wore their jerseys to support daddy's team!


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