Sunday, September 20, 2015

Work It, Work It!

On Wednesday, August 26th, my friend Leslie sent me a text that said, "Call me when you get this." I had not heard from her in a while, so I was immediately curious. When I talked to her, she said, "I'm sure you heard already, but I put in my two weeks."  (She told them on Monday the 24th.)
{Back Story-- About this time (maybe October/November) last year, Steve was on the HR Committee at church and was asked to help them find/hire a Communications Director. Leslie was in my MOMS Club chapter and I immediately thought of her for the job, and told her to apply. She did, and she was hired.}

So she and I chatted for a few minutes and she said, "Anyway, I was calling because when I told them I needed to resign, they asked if I knew anyone that would be able to do this job well, and you were the first person I thought of." 

I was floored.

When Steve was helping with interviews, he was on the front-end with screening applicants. He received a lot of applications and did quite a few phone screens, and all the people had Communications degrees, and/or Graphic Design backgrounds. They all had outstanding portfolios and resumes, and I remember thinking about how good they all were. 

I told her that I didn't feel qualified at all, and she started telling me about the job and what she does and why she felt I'd be the perfect fit. She basically said that it's a lot of what I already do for MOMS Club, but I'd be getting paid for my work and time. :-)

She said, "So, can I tell them that I think you'd be a great fit?" I told her sure-- I had nothing to lose by her telling them about me!

When Steve got home that night, I told her about the call and he was totally in favor of me applying. He helped me with my resume and letter, and I sent it in that night.

On Thursday,  I was at Publix for a grocery store tour and my phone rang. I didn't recognize the number, but assumed it was Gus's school. It was actually Max and Lyle from CtK, and they were calling me to say that they received my resume and letter.

They said they were VERY impressed by my resume and wanted to know if I could come in the next day to talk to them about the position. They said Leslie put in a great word for me, and they were very eager to talk to me. I said I'd be there, and hung up and did a happy dance.

I went in on Friday morning, and the conversation was about my experience with social media, graphic design, and various communication methods. They seemed impressed that I knew Publisher, Photo Shop, and a variety of other programs. At the end of the meeting, they said they'd be talking with the pastor and would be giving me a favorable recommendation. They said to be on the look out for an email to set up a virtual meeting with him over the weekend.

That afternoon, I got an email asking if I could do a virtual meeting on Saturday morning.

Saturday morning at 10am, I had a video conference with my pastor and the meeting was great, super easy, and at the end of the meeting, I was told he'd be recommending that I be hired to the Parish Council, and he asked if I could come in on Monday to start.

Seriously, in a period of six days, my life completely changed. I am now the Communications Coordinator for my church!

 Me at my desk in MY OFFICE

Thankfully, Steve has a pretty accommodating job, and he was able to stay home with Hugh while I went to work on Monday. Hugh didn't start preschool until September 8th, so that first week that I was working, he was home with me.

Between Steve staying home, my best friend watching Hugh, and Zip and Pep (a drop-in place for babysitting), I was able to get to work and have time to focus on all that needed to be learned, and not have to worry about Hewy.

Let me just say that it's super stressful to start a new job!! I had not been working since 2010, and while it's not that much time, it was enough that it stressed me out. I will say that I love my job. It's everything that I enjoy doing already, and I get paid to do it. :-)

I worked along side Leslie for her last week in the office, and was able to get as much info from her as possible. Thankfully, she and I are friends and I know I can text or call her at any time for help and she'll do what she can to help me out. (I have already had to call her a few times.)

I was off on Labor Day, and then Hugh's first day was the 8th. He came to work with Steve and was able to hang out in my office while we waited to go to preschool. 

He comes with me on Tuesdays and Thursdays and plays in my office before school or after school. He was slated to go to school there anyway, so now I'm just staying there and working while he's in school. It's so nice, because I'm right there if he ever needs me for anything, and we signed him up for extended day on Tuesdays (he'll stay an extra hour) and he's doing Play Ball on Thursdays (it's a sports program that takes place after school). 

I got my first pay check last week and it was AWESOME!!! Seriously a huge blessing and I have no doubt that this whole job was divinely executed. Many prayers were answered and I am so grateful!!


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