Monday, April 03, 2006

Music: "Fat Boy" by Max-A-Million
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It's been some time since I last wrote... let me try and catch you up on things that have been going on around here.

This last weekend we had our Main Dish Kitchen event (on Saturday) and my dad and Scott came. My mom was in Phoenix seeing Dave and Heather and then she went on to L.A. for a conference. We had fun at Main Dish and talked to Bethany about possibly arranging a session for us to make some food for our BBQ reception. She said that she'd talk to the chef about it but she sounded excited.

After we went to Main Dish we came back here for my dad to pick up some food for the week and then Steve and I went to Olga's for lunch. I can't begin to tell you about how absolutely awesome it was!! We went across the road to Bed Bath and Beyond to get a gift card for Krissy's shower.

We came home and watched Proof (such a great movie) and then came upstairs and messed around on the Internet. We went to bed late and I paid for it on Sunday.

Sunday I got up and drove to Aimee's. She drove us to BFE for Krissy's shower. It was like a mini reception... unlike anything that I've ever been to. She got a lot of bowls and crystal and things that I was shocked that even existed (wine charms). To each his or her own right?

Anyway-- Aimee and I were talking and she's going to throw me a bachelorette party in June!! Whoo hoo!! It's actually going to be a sex toy party to start and then we're going to head off to the bar. Should be a lot of fun. It's planned for Saturday, June 17th (I think) at like 6pm at her place.

Today was a long day. We started Mini Society which is always fun, my class decided to be "Froggyville" and the name of their currency is "Jumpy Bills." LOL.

Gotta go-- Steve made dinner and we're going to watch Grey's Anatomy from last night.



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