Saturday, September 16, 2006

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What A Difference One Year Makes

So I was thinking last night about how much changes in a year. This time last year, Steve and I weren't even engaged yet... in fact a year ago tomorrow will be one year since we've been engaged. I would have never guessed that a year from then, I'd be married! It got me to thinking about all the things that have changed in the last year. Besides us being married, the next biggest thing is that Steve's mom was alive this time last year. She wasn't in great health, but she was still alive and at this time, we would have never guessed that there were only a few short months left with her here on Earth. Steve's been dealing with his grief the best he can, but he's been amazing. I can't say I'd be as strong if my mom passed. I guess because he knew it was coming made him prepare for it mentally long ago.

I really miss my brother. I haven't seen him since May and it's always around this time of year that he and Heather and the kids come to MI to visit... and even though it was May when I saw them, it's just odd to not see them in the fall. I get really sad when I think about him being in Arizona. I hate that I'm not there to watch my niece and nephew grow up and I don't get to see them on their birthdays and do all the great stuff that my aunts did with me as a kid. More than anything, I get very very sad to think about my own children not having cousins to grow up with like I had, and like Steve had. From as far back as I can remember I always had Brandon, Jess and Mary to grow up with. When we got older there was Derek and Corey and we always did things together. Even now, I still hold them as close to my heart as I do my own siblings. It makes me so sad to know that my kids aren't going to have that same relationship with their cousins... on either side. Steve's brother (don't get me started about him) has a son that's like 13 (or so) and then a little girl, she's like two or three, but his brother is a complete dick. His kids don't even call Steve "Uncle Steve"... they don't call him anything-- it's like he doesn't exist to them. Our kids certainly won't exist to them... shit... I don't even exist to them and I'm Steve's wife. Like I said, don't get me started. Then there's my brother Scott-- no kids (yet) and who knows what will be in his future. Then there's Eamon and Aine... and they're in Arizona and won't be raised with my kids.

Oh well... I guess I can't get upset about it right? On a completely different note-- Steve and I went to the T-Mobile store today and I checked out the Sidekick III and I'm in love!!! It's absolutely killer! I want it for my birthday (coming in 16 days) but it's not going to happen :( until my current Cingular contract is up (Jan. '07). So I have to wait... but it's so awesome. I can't wait until I can get it!!!

Teaching is going great. My class is absolutely amazing. They're kinda low (as a group) but the entire 5th grade this year is kinda low... but they're so nice. They are polite, caring and so sweet. I don't think I've had a nicer group of kids. I've got a student teacher named Diane and she's incredible. So far she's just been wonderful and I really like her. She's very relaxed and laid-back. I think she's going to make an excellent teacher. I also have a para-professional in my room and it's been different but good. I didn't think I'd like having another person in the room at all times watching me teach... but it's been great. She's helpful and it's been so nice to have six eyes there to help keep things in order!!!

I'm going to go for now... I'll try to keep more current with this blog-- it's hard now that I'm back to school. I'm going to post some pictures of Labor Day (it was fun but we missed Dave and Heather and the kids) and of my class.



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