Sunday, November 19, 2006

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Purse Party...

Okay... so my friend Jenny from work had a purse party last night at her house. I wasn't too sure what to expect, since last weekend when I went with Aimee to the home-based-business party there was a purse lady there and her selection SUCKED. This party was a cash only deal (kinda sucked) but I was able to get some cash. I wasn't sure how much to bring, since I didn't know how great the selection would be.

To say that it was like a kid in a candy store would be an understatement. As I walked up her sidewalk, I could see inside and there were HUGE garbage bags... bag upon bag upon bag. When I went in, Jenny greeted me and was super excited that I was there (I was the first to arrive). She got me a drink and I patiently waited while the purse ladies unloaded all the garbage bags FILLED WITH PURSES!!!!! They were done and the lady told me to just start looking and when I found something, to just hold on to it. THAT WAS THE KEY.

So... I started to look and literally, my heart was pounding so fast! I was beside myself with excitement as I looked at these beautiful purses! It was unlike anything that I'd ever seen. I saw so many cute purses!! I spotted this super cute Kate Spade so I grabbed it and put it on my arm while I continued to look.

Here's where the drama begins. You knew there'd be drama... it's a purse party-- tons of purses-- tons of women. Anyway, I spotted one of the parents that I had two years ago (her son Josh was in my 5th grade class), and I said hi to her and she said hi back, but she sees my purse. She comes over and says, "I want this purse!!!" So she asked the lady if there was another one, and of course, there wasn't. So she totally starts throwing a temper-tantrum about my purse and how her experience is ruined because there's someone here that has the same taste in purses as her, and she isn't going to get anything that she wanted. (Yes... I'm being serious).
She followed me around the entire party and kept asking how much I wanted for the purse. She wanted it because it came WITH an additional purse inside it (it was a killer deal). I tried to laugh it off, because I honestly thought she was kidding. Anyway- everytime I found something cute she'd say, "It is cute... you should get it and give me the Kate Spade." To say it got old would be a HUGE understatement. I actually had to tell her to back off and leave me alone because I wasn't putting the purse down and I wasn't going to give it to her.

So... I ended up getting the cute Kate Spade (with the bonus bag) and a really cute Coach with a white Coach wallet that has flip-flops on it (very cute). If I had known how much great stuff there was going to be... I would have brought more money. Also-- people brought check books and were writing the checks payable to cash (I didn't know I could have done that either). I know now... ;)

I'm going to have a purse party of my own. I got the business card for the lady and I'm going to make arrangements for her to come to Canton and host a party here. She's in Flint... so it's a drive for her, but she made a butt-load last night. Just about everyone there bought at least two purses... Jenny bought four and there were people with both arms full.

Amazing! I'll keep you posted about when I'm having the party-- just make sure you come early so you can get the best purses and hopefully avoid a crazed purse purchaser...

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