Friday, November 24, 2006

Music: "Me and You"-- Kenny Chesney :)
Mood: Happy

So... it's been a few days since I last wrote. This was such a fast week (I loved it). On Tuesday I had my Annual Thanksgiving Feast with my 5th graders. It was so nice!! We had turkey, ham, chicken tenders, green beans, stuffing, mac-n-cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, rolls, apple pie, cherry pie, pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, baklava, some Romanian dessert, chocolate-chip cookies, whipped cream and punch. I'm sure I'm forgetting some additional food items... but you get the point. It was soooo good. There were about nine families that came and just about everyone in class brought something in for the party. We then watched the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving... and then Over the Hedge. It was a nice day!! Mom brought me the tickets that she was given for the Thanksgiving Parade and breakfast at the Tiger Club.

On Wednesday, we had a half day and it went by so fast! I had a 1:00 nail appointment-- so after I dropped Victoria and her sister Nicole (they're twins) off with the tortoises (they're taking them for the holiday break), I went to Subway and grabbed lunch. I ran into Mrs. Swidan... I had her son Ryan in my very first 3rd grade class... he's like 14 now (yeah I feel old). It was nice seeing her... then I went to get my nails done. Dreama completely moved all her nail stuff and they're remodeling the place-- it looked really nice.

I got home and soon after Steve came home. He's so good to me... he had Thai for lunch with Jack and Cindy-- and I begged and begged for him to get me some to go, but he said no. Well... wouldn't you know that he brought me some!! It was sooo good!!! I love me some Thai food!! Anyway, we cleaned the house (it took ALL night) and then my mom came over. She stayed the night so she could get up and make the turkey.

We got up at the butt-crack of dawn, I was sooooooo tired. Not feeling the waking up early thing. Anyway, we got our showers and got dressed and dad and Dan came over... and we decided to go to Fairlane Mall and catch the shuttle to the parade. We got downtown relatively quickly without many problems. We headed over to Comerica Park to find the Tiger Club... and then we went inside. There were a bunch of people waiting, they hadn't opened the doors yet. We finally went upstairs and it was sooooooo nice!! We had an amazing breakfast buffet... and then on the way out they had hot chocolate!!! It was so nice!! We then went downstairs to leave and there were people giving gifts! We each got a Macy's scarf... a box of Frangelico chocolates and a necklace thingy (it glowed). It was so nice... we were all very impressed!!

We headed to the grandstands for our seats and they were awesome. We sat between the Fox and the State Theater (directly in front of Comerica Park... on the Comerica Park side of Woodward). It was a great day-- mild weather... great crowd... and my dad loved it!!! He had such a great time. It was nice to share the moment with my dad and Steve.

We got home and I started making my Zinger cake and cheese ball and 7-Layer dip. Steve napped while mom and I watched The Polar Express. Mary Breeding came over and so did Dan. We had a nice dinner... turkey, ham, stuffing, Grandma Ghrist's green salad, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberries, rolls, and green-bean casserole. For dessert we had Zinger cake (so tasty), cherry pie and pumpkin pie.

We watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (my favorite Christmas movie)... and then everyone left and Steve and I cleaned up and then we went to bed... exhausted.

This morning we slept in, then we went to see Deck the Halls. It wasn't worth the money-- not very good. We had seen the previews and the movie looked so funny-- the preview parts were just about the only funny parts. It was very predictable. We gave it 2 out of 4 stars. Mom met us for the movie, I think she liked it, but it wasn't terrific. Anyway, we then went to IKEA and got some cd/dvd shelves, rugs, a clock and I think that's all we got. Steve is downstairs attempting to put the shelves together (they only give pictures-- no written directions), so I came up here to avoid being in his way. :)

Tomorrow, Steve's dad and his girlfriend are coming to stay for the night. We're going to dinner with my parents and then going to see Haywood Banks at the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase. We're excited-- we've got really good seats. Sunday, Steve's dad is leaving and maybe we'll put up the Christmas stuff. I just wasn't feeling it today.

Black Friday is about over-- I'm going to go for now-- talk to you later.



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