Thursday, January 04, 2007

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So the last time I posted something it was just before Christmas. That'd be more than a week ago. Where did the time go?

We went shopping with dad on the 24th and that was enjoyable (as it always is) and then we came home and enjoyed our 50 inch plasma :)

We got up relatively early and opened our stockings. I had some Sour Patch Kids in mine and some chocolate and of course gummy bears. Then we opened presents... I got a 20 inch flat-screen monitor (it came as a complete shock) and it's incredible. I also got a 2G mini card for my Sidekick and now I can store a butt-load of songs and pictures on my raspberry (what I'm calling my SK3). I also got some CDs and some DVDs and some books. I also got some shoes, clothes and Bath and Body Works stuff. It was a very good Christmas!!

My mom came over around 1pm on Christmas day to start cooking the meat and I made the pumpkin rolls (later to discover that the eggs that my mom brought over were like two months old--gross I know). Then Scott came over and so did Dan, Fr. Terry and his sister Maureen. It was a really nice evening.

Tuesday was the day after Christmas, and we did our annual Day-After-Christmas shopping trip to the mall. For my gift I got the Danity Kane CD and Talladaga Nights DVD. Steve got two CDs for his gift. After we shopped we went to Applebees for lunch. I had a $20 gift card and so did my mom, so the meal wasn't very much after using them.

Wednesday we got up and packed and then drove down to New Paris to spend some time with Steve's dad. We got there around 4ish and gave him his Christmas presents (a picture of him and Sue Ann that he loved, and two Civil War books that he totally loved). Then we went to Applebees (lol-- again) and met Sue Ann for dinner. It was pretty tasty. We came home and then gave Sue Ann her gifts (a nice candle and some body stuff). She left and then Steve and his dad got to talking about family stuff. Steve's dad asked Steve how he'd feel about him asking Sue Ann to marry him... I TOTALLY CALLED IT!!! LOL. He said that he wants to propose around Valentine's Day or so. Anyway... it was very sweet. Then they got to talking about his dad moving in with her and selling the house. We're going to take the kitchen table.

Thursday morning we got up and had breakfast at Bob Evan's and we were supposed to help his dad move furniture to Sue Ann's, but that didn't work out. On the way from the store to his house he asked Steve to be his best man (so cute). We grabbed our things and headed back to Michigan. Before we left New Paris, we went to the cemetary and went to Steve's mom's grave. It looks really nice (the headstone). It has her name and his dad's name and then on the back it says, "Our Children" and then it has Monty and Steve. It was very touching and caused us both to tear up.

We got home around one and then I took a nap. Beckie arrived around 5ish and we had dinner (BBQ chicken) and headed to Joey's for Jerry's birthday shin-dig. It was nice to see everyone from work. I didn't really talk to anyone, as I was sitting at the end of the table with some parapros that I don't really know, but the comedian was funny. After the comedy thing we hit Taco Bell and Kroger.

Friday B and I went to Max-n-Erma's for lunch and then we went to JoAnn's for the things to make warm fuzzies. We then came home and started getting ready for the purse party. The lady called to say she'd be here between 6 and 6:30 and she ended up coming at 5:20. They set up the living room and kitchen with purses and stuff and I was able to pick out all the stuff that I wanted (ahead of time). I didn't have as many people come as I expected (I was told that like 15-20 would be coming and only 6 showed). Anyway, I was able to get the $400 in sales and Amy Youtsey booked a party from mine. So next month I'll be going to her party and I'll get a $50 credit.

Saturday came and B left to go back home. She's flying to Phoenix... but she's here until after New Year's. It was nice to see her and I do miss her. I hope she comes back to Michigan to live. :)

Steve called Mitch and Jess to see what they were doing and invited them over... and they came over around 6ish. We went to Mongolian BBQ for dinner and then went to IKEA. Steve and I got two frames, a picture of two giraffes (it's super cute) and then he got a new lamp. We came home and watched tv.

Sunday morning Steve and I went to McDonald's to get breakfast for everyone and then shortly after Mitch and Jess went home. We cleaned the house a little and then my mom called to see if we wanted to meet everyone at Amantea's for dinner. We got there and had dinner with Fr. Terry, mom and dad, and Mary Breeding and her friend Francine. I had mostacholi motzarella and it was absolutely fantastic.

We didn't do anything to ring in the New Year. We just hung out upstairs... then midnight came and we watched the ball drop and kissed. It was relatively uneventful. LOL.

Monday my mom came over and we went and saw "The Nativity Story" and it was so good. We also had lunch at Logan's Steakhouse. We came home and got dinner ready and then dad and Scott and Fr. Terry came over for dinner.

So that takes us up to today pretty much. Today I had lunch at Ram's Horn with mom. I cleaned the kitchen and then Steve came home and we had dinner. Today is the one year anniversary of his mom passing away. It's funny how things can change in a year. I looked up some rings for his dad and he looked at them and said that he found one that he liked... and he'll think about whether or not he's going to buy it. Regardless, an engagement is coming. They've got December 28th reserved as their wedding date. Should be exciting!!

I'm tired now... I'm signing off until next time!


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