Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Music: Guys night on American Idol playing downstairs
Mood: Tired and ready for break

It's been a while since I last wrote. Sometimes I honestly forget to post things on here and then it ends up being weeks overdue and I leave out great details!!

The last time I wrote we were going to Pam's birthday shin-dig and it wasn't Valentine's Day yet. Well... the party was fun. We ended up staying until about midnight or so (which is pretty late for us). We only knew Pam and her husband Tim (none of the other people that we know were there). Neither Steve nor myself sang any music... last time we sang together and a few others, but we weren't feeling in the mood to sing I suppose.

I had Target Achievement and EC on Sunday and it was an all-day kind of thing, so I wasn't able to spend much time with Steve on Sunday the 11th.

I had a snow day on Wednesday the 14th (Valentine's Day). Michelle called me to see if I wanted to join her and Jenn (her roommate) for lunch and Sidetracks and then go to the teacher's store with her after. So we met and chatted and ended up pissing away the afternoon at Sidetracks. We didn't go to the teacher's store because she doesn't know what grade she'll be teaching next year and until she finds out, it's stupid to go and buy anything.

It's been awesome having her in my classroom. I wasn't too sure how it was going to be at first, because she's an AGD and I thought it'd be weird. However, I think she's an amazing person and I love having the whole day to hang with her and watch her grow and learn. She's so open to learning new things and she's been taking all the suggestions that I give her and applying them and really making HUGE improvements. She's 100% comfortable teaching and I feel 100% comfortable with her taking over. She's got great classroom management and the kids respond very positively to her direction (which is awesome).

Steve and I went to Ikea on Friday and got the wardrobe that I'd been drooling over... it was on sale for their Presidents Day sale. More than $100 off the original price!! So Steve spent Saturday putting it together while mom and I went and saw Because I Said So. It was the cutest movie!!! I'm totally going to have to buy it when it comes out!!

Sunday we went to Aimee and Matt's baby shower. She made the grand announcement that they're having a boy and they've known since OCTOBER!!!! Can you believe that??? I couldn't!! I was in total shock! BUT--- very happy to know that they're having a boy!! YAY for Lucas Michael!!!

Tomorrow will be the two-year anniversary since Grandma Ghrist died. I am still very sad about it and miss her (and Grandma Burney) so very very much. :( I don't want to think about it too much because it makes me start crying.

Saturday we've got another Junior Circle event planned (Luckys in Novi) and it should be fun. So far there are like ten people or so going. I think it'll be fun. I'll let you know after Saturday!!



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