Sunday, March 25, 2007

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Today is Sunday... we slept in and it was fantastic. I actually slept in yesterday and today. I was sorta shocked that I was able to sleep past 7:30am... usually on the weekend (when I can actually sleep in) I wake up super early. Not this weekend though!

Last time I posted was last Saturday. From then to now there have been a few changes... not many, but a few worth mentioning.

I found out that I'm safe in 5th grade. There are going to be some changes in the fall (Granholm cut $34 per-pupil) but I'm going to still be teaching 5th grade (99% certain at this point). They're going to be cutting various sections of the different grades, and next year I'll most likely have more than 30 students in my class... but I was told that I'll have a parapro in my room again. I'm hoping that I get to work with Charlotte again.

I also found out that one of my least-favorite people that I work with will most-likely be leaving my building. She doesn't have a position to fill so she'll be moving to another building that has an opening. The good news is that if she ever wants to come back to my building, she will have to interview, and I can pretty much guarntee that NO ONE will hire her back into my building.

On Sunday we went to Aimee and Matt's to see Lucas. He's so tiny and cute! It definitely makes me eager to start a family, but all in due-time. It was good to see Aimee... she looks great! You can't even tell that she was pregnant.

My Aunt had a birthday on Monday and then my dad turned 60 on Tuesday. He wasn't happy about it. We went to Outback last night with Scott and Fr. Terry to celebrate dad's birthday. I had fun... but we were crammed into a booth (6 people in one booth). Dinner and dessert was super tasty... :)

Thursday I had parent-teacher conferences for the spring. They went really well. I only had one no-show. I was able to come home at 7 instead of staying until 7:30 as I was told.

Friday we had a staff development day... it was AWFUL!!! It ranks up there with the Craft training that we had last year. This was just as bad... she was talking to us about Gifted Students in the regular education classroom. Yeah yeah yeah... that's great when you only have 20-25 kids but next year we're going to have 30+ kids... I'll be lucky to manage them and accomodate all of them, but to add any gifted kids on top of that... yeah right.

So that takes us to now. Did I mention that I got my hair done on Wednesday? I went to the person that does like a TON of people in my school. Her name is Jamie and she was awesome! My hair looks so cute!! She told me about some different products that I can use (she has curly hair too) and I went online last night and ordered some stuff. The cool thing is that the website that I got my Catwalk products from saves 40% off the suggested retail price. I got some great products and it wasn't too expensive!!

I got another letter from one of my soldiers. It was such a surprise to get it! He's one of the guys that we sent a package to. Anyway-- it got me remotivated and over spring break we're going to send out some more.

So I found out last night that Scott is getting married on Sunday. One week from today... however, they're not exchanging rings... she's not taking his last name... they're not going to live together. He views it as a business transaction. Anyway, they're getting married at the JP and Steve and I are going. It churns my stomach to actually think of this happening... but it's out of my control and there's nothing I can do or say about it.

Alright... until next time!


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