Tuesday, April 10, 2007

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I made it to Spring Break!! I needed a vacation like you wouldn't believe. What's weird is that I really really love my class this year. They're such a fantastic group of kids. I am really going to miss them!!

So... some things have changed since I last wrote. The biggest is that Scott didn't get married. In fact, according to him, it's not even an option anymore. They decided last minute (way to make everyone stress out) that it wasn't worth it and he'd just work somewhere that has good insurance. I don't know too many other details, but the good news is that they're not married. I do wonder if they'll just go and do it and not tell anyone, considering how much shit he got about it... but at this point he said it's not an option that he's considering.

I had a half day on Thursday (April 5th) and had a 1:00 appointment at Dr. Mann's (dentist). He filled more cavities... and my dental insurance is now maxed until July 1st. So... good news and bad news. Good news is that I don't have to go back until July. Bad news... I still have other things that I need to get done and I have to wait until July to do it.

Strangely enough... I'm actually getting more and more comfortable about going to the dentist. I never thought I'd say that, but I really trust him and I love his staff. They're outstanding and I guess if I have to go, better to go somewhere that I like than somewhere that scares me right?

Thursday Aimee came over with Lucas and then we went to the ZA Alumni Potluck. The only alums present were me, Aimee, Diana (still in college), Julia (just graduated), and Andrea (still in college). Pretty much Aimee and I were the only two that have been out of ZA for a while. It was fun though... we played games and had dinner and dessert. I got to see the Greek Week Talent Show dance and it was very cute!! We sat with Michelle and Megan and it was fun.

Sunday was Easter. We had Nick, Natalie, Alex and Jack over and then Mary Breeding and Francine came over too. Scott, mom and dad were also there. We had our traditional ham (we've made the same ham since we started dating back in 2004) and baked beans, potato salad, rolls, taco salad, green salad and then mom made this super tasty brownie dessert thing.

I updated my resume yesterday. I think it looks good. You never know when you might need it and I hadn't updated it for quite some time, so now it's all current and everything.

I changed my website. It now has a cute frog theme (appropriate for me since my whole classroom has a frog theme) and it's cute!! I promised Steve that I wouldn't change it again for a while. I think I'll keep this one for a long time.

I found out last week that I am going to be on the Ritual Committee for Alpha Gamma Delta. I applied to be apart of the VST (Volunteer Service Team) and I had three committees that I wanted to join. I got an email saying that IHQ was in the final stages of contacting committee members and all names would be posted on the website by April 2nd. Well... no one contacted me so I assumed that I wasn't selected (there are only 4 spots per committee and it's very difficult to get onto a committee). So last week Steve told me that some lady from Alabama from AGD called me about some team thing (VST). I called her and she asked if I still wanted to be on the VST. I was so excited I was literally jumping around the kitchen.

This Saturday we've got IRD at Frankenmuth. I'm excited. I love IRD!! Then next weekend we're going to UD for Steve's fraternity's 40th Anniversary weekend. We're going to their formal (hahaha) and then they've got volleyball and all kinds of other events planned for Friday-Sunday.

I've got no plans for this spring break. I've just been watching movies and playing around online. On Friday my mom and I are going to Steve's work to meet him for Thai (yummy)... but other than that I have no plans. I told Aimee I could come over tomorrow and hang with her and Lucas... we'll see what she says.

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