Saturday, April 14, 2007

Music: "Around the World"-ATC
Mood: Exhausted

Today has been an absolutely exhausting day. It started with getting very little sleep and then waking up at 7am to get ready for IRD. Michelle and Diana got here around 8:45 and then Gen came at 9am. We drove to pick up Cheryl and then were on our way by 9:20am.

We got to Frankenmuth around 10:40 (not early enough for my taste... we didn't even get good seats because we weren't there early enough). Sara and Holly were supposed to come but they never made it.

I have to say, IRD is one of my most favorite things about being an AGD. I love seeing everyone from around the state and joining together and meeting new people. I've been to many IRDs in my time as an Alpha Gam and I can honestly say that today was the worst IRD that I've ever attended.

The event was scheduled to start at 11am. We got there and were greeted by a very rude woman at the registration table. They had asked for everyone to bring toiletries for a women's shelter. Gen and I brought some and when we asked where they went the woman was so very rude about it.

We got inside and it was PACKED. There was no where to sit and we had to search all over to find two seats. The event started with grace (I really need to learn it) and then they started serving lunch. Being at Frankenmuth where they're famous for their chicken, that's what we had for lunch. Throughout lunch they did the raffle (the prizes were so janky) and then after lunch they did chaper roll. This usually takes about 20 minutes or so... not today. The lady did it all in like 5 minutes (max). Someone even commented about how fast she did it.

They gave away the collegiate awards (senior with highest cumulative GPA) and then the alumnae awards (they asked all members wearing the arc of any kind to stand)... that was it. They didn't even do announcements... which is like the best part because you get to hear about what everyone is doing.

It was a disaster. We were in the car and back on the road before 1:00. Not even a two hour event. We spent more time in the car getting there than we did at the actual event. Very disappointing.

Anyway, I am totally exhausted. We just finished watching The Prestigue. It was soooo good!! Definitely worth renting if you're looking for something good to watch. We got our new Netflix movies today. We also have Bad News Bears (which I got because Scott said it was so good) and then The Holiday. I am excited to watch that one.

I have some school stuff to do tomorrow (write my newsletter and then get my Mini Society stuff ready). Other than that I intend on relaxing and enjoying my last day of vacation. The next vacation that I get will be Memorial Day weekend... and then when I come back to school I'll only have eight and a half school days before summer break!!!

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Dave said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Heather and I watched "The Holiday". I wanted to throw my shoe through the television. It was a terrible movie, and I hate Cameron Diaz. So, instead of breaking our television, I sent my shoe to Cameron Diaz via Fed Ex with instructions for her to hit herself in the face with until she loses consciousness. That would be the least she could do, since I can't get my money or time back. Oh, but enjoy!

Cat's Litterbox said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

It's a good thing I wasn't drinking anything while reading this or I'm sure liquid would have come out my nose!!

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