Saturday, March 22, 2008

Song: "Trapped in the Drive-Thru" by Weird Al Yankovic
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Okay... it's been about three weeks since I last wrote. We sold our house in Michigan (read the Walker blog for more details), and we got a Wii (again... in the Walker blog).

I am getting excited to track out again. I feel like I have been teaching my kids FOREVER. Seriously... the main disadvantage to teaching in a year-round school is that you have the same class for a whole year. I love my kids, don't get me wrong, but it feels like I've been teaching forever. I know I've had breaks (9 weeks off so far), but it feels like it's been a really long year with them and we're only in March (we don't get out until June 27th).

I have to track out of my room this track out. Grrr... I hate having to move rooms. They're saying that we're going to be getting more students next year and it's possible that I'll have to change rooms EVERY time (not just every other track out). That'll really suck. I am just hoping that it doesn't happen.

So, Steve and I have been together for four years now. Four years ago on March 6th we had our first date. It only seems like yesterday! Four years ago Thursday, he told me he loved me for the first time (awww). It got me thinking about how really happy I am and how lucky I feel to have found him. I know that we both got it wrong the first time around, but it's just so amazing with him. I've never had a relationship where I feel more in love each day and can't wait to see him and spend time with him. I know some people get into a relationship and then it becomes "comfortable" and they enjoy time apart and enjoy having their own personal time. It's not like that with Steve. I honestly love spending time with him and have no real desire to do anything without him.

On another note, I've discovered a new show on television that I really enjoy. It's called Lock Up. It's really good and very interesting. It comes on each weekend and I can spend hours watching it. I am so scared of prison and of being wrongfully accused of something and being sent to prison on accident. This show shows the people that are in the prisons and then they talk to them and show what life is like behind bars.

My opinions of our prison system have changed after watching this show. I honestly never really thought about it before, but after watching the show, I really think there needs to be "less" provided for these people. They should be in their cells ALL THE TIME. If they get to go outside it should be for a brief amount of time and they should be in another "cell" once outside (like a giant dog pen). They were showing the fights and violence that happens in "the yard." Why is this even possible? Keep their asses locked up! They can buy things from a store... fuck that. They should be in a cell at all times and shouldn't be given soda and chips and other shit that is a luxury that they don't deserve.

Now... I know that there are people in prison that are innocent. I'd think their behavior would speak for itself and I think anyone with excellent behavior should be given "perks." Anyone fighting or showing signs of aggression or violence should NOT be given perks.

Enough from me... I am getting all stressed and pissed about this whole thing.

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