Thursday, April 24, 2008

Song: "The Promise"- When In Rome
Mood: Content

So it's been a while since I last posted. Sorry.Things have been going well here for us, and I am getting totally excited for my parents to come down for a visit!! My dad has been down (he came down at Thanksgiving time) but my mom hasn't been down yet. I miss them so much, it makes me really sad to think about the distance and how far I am from them. There are times that I just have to catch myself because it just doesn't seem real that we're really here in North Carolina.

Steve loves his job and is really happy. That makes one of us right? It's so odd... when one of us is really happy with our job, the other is miserable. I don't think we've both been happy at the same time.

It could be that I just needed to track out and get away for a few weeks, but I am just miserable at work. I am not going to go into too much detail, but I had hoped that there'd be some changes for next year. Katie (whom I love dearly) is going to the new school and will for sure be leaving, but then there was a possibility that three others would be moving around. Changing grades is what I was told. Now I find out that no one is changing grades... we're all going to stay in 4th and the reason is because my principal thinks we're all working so well together now. Which is complete BS. Everyone has been biting their tongues because we assumed that things would be changing for the next year. It makes me so mad.

Anyway... on another note, I am tracked out. I am so glad to just have time to relax and just enjoy being home. We had to take Tommy to the vet and get his "spot" checked out. It turned out to be a tumor, but it's benign (non-cancerous). We're so happy! All the other cats had their well-kitty checks on Monday and they're good. Hurmin has a heart-murmur... and then Eddie needs to lose weight (he is 25.5 pounds) but has lost a pound since moving to NC. Mindy and Toebe both had excellent check ups. Ned is doing well also. :)

I'll write again soon... I need to go eat breakfast.
Until next time...


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