Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year, New Me Part 2

Well... it's almost been a week and things are going strong! I am very proud of myself for sticking to my guns and writing down EVERYTHING that I eat. It's been enlightening to see just how much sodium is in food! Obviously processed food has more, and I'm trying to steer clear of processed foods.

I've been able to do my Wii Fit each morning and Thursday I stayed home for my internal ultrasound appointment, and did the Dance Dance Revolution 2. Talk about buring up some calories! I was sweating like crazy!

Speaking of my appointment, it went well. I had a slight melt-down because I hadn't thought about what I'd do, or how I'd react if he found something bad (tumors, etc.). Steve had meetings all day and wasn't able to go with me, and I was really nervous. Fortunately, he said everything looked normal, and nothing stood out to him. He said that his best guess is that it's something hormonal.

I go tomorrow for my OB appointment. I am nervous about it because she'll have my blood results and his results and we'll be talking about what to do next. Hopefully she'll be able to prescribe me something to restart my system and get me ovulating.

Speaking of ovulating... I feel like now that I've got a good start to my new lifestyle, I want to focus on losing weight and getting healthy before trying to make a baby. Don't get me wrong, if it happens that'd be great, but I think I'd be a whole lot better off if I lost some weight first and just focused on that for a while. I get very fixated on certain things and then they drive me crazy. Trying to get pregnant has been one of those things, and I'm ready to move onto something more productive with my fixation. I'm going to give 100% effort to me... and my health... and then worry about pregnancy stuff later.

Steve is being very supportive about all of this. WHICH IS AMAZING! I am no longer drinking regular soda... and really, have only had soda twice and it was Coke Zero and Diet Coke both times- and he and I shared it. All the rest has been skim milk and a whole lot of water. I've found my cravings for sweets and sugars have kinda diminished and I am not eating as much as I used to. I hope to be able to report some great things as a result of all this soon!

I have a lot going on this week. Tomorrow I go to the OB for my post-blood and post-ultrasound appointment. I'll try to get on and post more about that tomorrow. Tuesday I have my mentor practicum class... and pray that I pass! Friday is the OG staff party and should be fun and then there's no school Monday! WHOO HOO!!

Keep me in your prayers!!!
Until next time...


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