Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So I went to the OB yesterday and was absolutely amazed at what she had to share with me. She had the labs completed and run (from my blood work back in December), and she had my internal ultrasound results from the doctor that I went to last Thursday.

First off, I was very nervous. I wasn't sure what she was going to find, but I was alone and very nervous that it'd be bad news. As I think most readers know, I went because I've been having irregular cycles and bleeding and not been ovulating. She thought the internal would explain some things, but it came back completely normal. My ovaries are full of eggs (GREAT SIGN), and I have a nice uterus (thanks mom and dad) and my cervex looks great too. A girl couldn't ask for more. LOL.

So the internal ultrasound doctor (it wasn't a tech, he's actually a doctor that specializes in this) said it was most likely a hormonal issue because everything on the inside looks wonderful.

The first thing my OB said to me was, "You don't have genetal herpies." LOL. I busted out laughing because I didn't know she was even testing for that... and I said, "Well, that's good because if I did, my husband would be in some trouble." She said that with a woman looking to get pregnant, they always test for that because of complications that can come from herpies. Anywho--- I am STD free (lol). :)

I am also HPV free which was a little surprising because back in Michigan, I had an irregular pap and they said it was due to a strain of HPV. I had to take it very seriously because HPV can lead to cervical cancer. Anyway, I didn't know you could "get over it" but apparently whatever strain I had was mild enough that I no longer test positive for it and two different tests showed a negative result. Yay me! :)

My pap came back normal and everything looked good. More good news. So... where's the bad news? Believe it or not, there really wasn't any. All my hormone levels (with the exception of one) came back completely normal. I'm not diabetic, my insulin was in the normal-high range, but normal none-the-less, and my labs showed that I have eggs but am not ovulating. So, she put me on a prescription for something that starts with an M (can't remember the name), but it's supposed to help with the ovulation AND as an added bonus, will help me lose weight.

Her best guess as to what's happening with things is that I've gained weight and just am not ovulating as a result. This can happen to a 160 pound individual (I am not 160 btw)-- or someone like me (just a smidge more than 160 LOL). She said to focus on eating better (I AM) and to try and exercise regulary (I AM) and those things with this prescription should get things working for me. When I told her about my "New Year, New Me" campaign, she got really excited and actually got emotional about how proud of me that she was. She really is a sweet woman!

So... bottom line, I am good! Nothing really wrong with me health-wise, I just need to lose some weight. She said that she'd like me to lose 30-40 pounds before trying to conceive, because it'd be the healthiest for me and a baby. She also said that just losing 10 pounds will make a world of difference in my health. So I'm starting with 10 pounds, and working my way toward my goal weight which is well past 30-40. :) I think I am going to join Weight Watchers on Thursday. :)

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Proud Mama said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

So glad everything went well. I have read that being overweight can affect fertility. Good to know you are on the right track. I really like Weight Watchers as it is easy and fits well into a person's life. You are on a good start by tracking what you eat. I also like the accountability and support of the program. I am halfway to my goal and have been at it since the first of December. I know you will be a success at this. BTW A says hi

Andrea said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Yay you! I am so glad to hear everything went well!
I hope my appt. next week goes as well as yours does.

Metformin is the med I think. AKA Glucophage. Good stuff.
Good luck!

Cat's Litterbox said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I think I am going to join WW tomorrow... tell A I said hi too!!

Andrea- yes, it's Metformin. Hopefully it works and hopefully your appointment goes well too!!

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