Saturday, November 27, 2010


So I can't believe how much Gus is growing! He has been trying to crawl for the past few days, but today he actually put the movements together and moved! I can't believe how proud of him I am! He's such a little trooper and is so determined to do whatever he puts his mind to!

My parents came down last Monday and stayed through Saturday (a week ago today), and then Steve's dad and Sue Ann came down on Wednesday night and left this morning. I cooked two Thanksgiving dinners... the two were identical, but turned out differently. My first turkey was super juicy but not very pretty... and the second one was gorgeous and dry. LOL.

Last night Steve put up our Christmas tree and then today he went outside and put up the Christmas lights! I am really excited for Christmas this year. Last year I was not in the mood for the holidays and it wasn't until February that I actually got into the spirit... then it was too late. So, this year I am ready and excited! I have all that I've ever dreamed of, and I couldn't be happier!

Yesterday, Steve and I went on a date (the first one since August) and we went out to lunch (Bob Evan's) and then went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1. It was soooo good! It was so strange to be out without Gus. There were people in the theater with babies (Gus's age) and it made me mad. I'd never take him to see a movie like HP on the weekend that it was released (super busy) at a prime time (mid-afternoon). We haven't gone to a movie in forever because we haven't been able to get a sitter. Other people should be as considerate... if they can't get a sitter, they shouldn't go to a movie!

On another note... I think about Gus's birth mom a lot. Probably more than is normal (though, I don't know what is normal in a situation like mine). I wonder if she thinks about him, or if she wonders how he's doing. I try to post pictures on his Fb page and to stay current... I blog about him every week with the hopes that it gives her a chance to read about his development. I don't know if it's too painful for her to read, or if she actually reads it and is happy to see how he's doing.

I never got a good read on things with our short time at the hospital with her. She seemed very detached from the whole situation (which is completely understandable), but I wish I knew how she felt. Then again, maybe it's best that I don't know... I think it would upset me if I knew that she regretted her decision, or that she missed him, or that she was having a hard time with things. I can only pray that she's healed and that she enjoys seeing pictures, videos, and reading about him and is happy with how we're doing as his parents.

I absolutely love being Gus's mom. He is the absolute joy of my life and I cannot imagine what my life would be like without him. I really believe that he and I (and Steve) were meant to be together. He's always such a happy baby and laughs, smiles, coos, and squeels with delight and it makes me so happy!! :)

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