Monday, November 22, 2010


I hate it when there's bad news. I can't go into too much detail, but I had my fingers and toes crossed for something and it isn't going to happen. I know I'm not the only one disappointed, but it still stinks. I guess it wasn't meant to be... and there's something else out there.

On another note, my parents came to visit for the holiday last week. It was wonderful to see them! It had been two months since they were here last and Gus has changed so much! Even as I type this, he's on the floor trying so hard to crawl! He is able to hold himself up with his front arms, and is pulling his knees up at the same time. He obviously doesn't have it down yet, but it's close! So much has changed in just a week!!

Steve's dad and Sue Ann are coming on Wednesday for the holiday and it'll be fun to see them react to Gus and how he's changed since September (when they last saw him). He's been a wiggle-worm lately and very squirmy!!!

While my parents were here we went to Apex and my dad took some pictures of me and Gus. All the pictures that I have are of Steve and Gus, so it's nice to have some of me and him. We also took him to the mall and he got his very first picture with Santa! It is the cutest picture and he drew quite a crowd with his happiness!!

That's it for now...
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