Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Little Dab Will Do Ya!

Dracula Gus and his many daubers

This afternoon, just after having lunch, I decided to check online and see what dauber sheets I could find for Gus. While at the Dollar Tree yesterday, I picked up all the colored daubers that they had (they only had five different colors) for this specific purpose.

Gus was super excited to come to the table and create some pictures with the daubers. We started with an apple picture and he was very careful when using the dauber.

He really enjoyed the daubers and so we decided to work on another picture. This one was a pumpkin.

After the pumpkin, we decided to do some counting. This took longer than I had anticipated, because Gus couldn't decide on which colors he wanted to use for his different number pictures, and he didn't want to go in number order.

The last picture that we did was of a tree. Gus had started yawning while we were working on this one (WHOO HOO!!!) and so I knew he was due for a nap soon. He did a great job with the tree picture and then was very excited when I hung his pictures on the pantry door for display.

All done and ready for a nap!

I realized four things during and after this activity.

1) The bingo daubers are great, but there are specific ones made for this kind of activity. It's worth the money to get some (so I did). We'll have ten different colors, they won't bleed as much, and should dry faster.

2) I need to set up an area to display Gus's art work. He's getting an easel for Christmas and we'll have more and more items to be shown. I need to talk to Steve about some ideas/options for this.

3) I need to start doing more of these structured activities with Gus. He's almost 2.5 and that's when I said I'd start doing more. I'm planning on actually planning out daily things for us to work on (things like what we did today). I'm glad I've got a ton of things pinned on Pinterest for me to look back upon and start getting prepared!

4) Time has passed too quickly. I was looking through some older pictures and I just can't remember Gus being so tiny. Seriously. I'm not just saying that I can't remember, I really cannot remember what it was like to have a tiny baby, a boy who was not walking, running, and climbing, and a toddler with his own opinions and the love for expressing them. 

I'm vowing that when there's a second baby in this house, I will be 10000% present and I will cherish each moment with them. I feel like with Gus, I was so excited for him to reach milestones and to keep getting older... and now I want to freeze time. I would love to go back in time and tell myself to savor each minute because they pass too quickly.


I used the following websites for their free printables!
3 Dinosaurs- Fall Pack  
Teaching Heart


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