Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkins and Getting Boo-ed!!

This afternoon, I decided that we'd carve the big pumpkin that we got at the pumpkin patch yesterday. I asked Gus if he was ready to help me carve, and he eagerly ran into the kitchen. We took his shirt off, and then sat him at the table. I started to cut the back of the pumpkin and then I opened it to show him the inside.

He wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with it. We brought him to the table a few different times, and each time he looked and decided he wasn't interested. Steve asked him if he wanted to take a nap instead, and he ran to the stairs, and was eager to head up to bed.


So while Steve put Gus to bed, I carved the pumpkin by myself. It wasn't as enjoyable as I'd hoped. It was fun to carve the pumpkin last year and watch Gus enjoy the gooey texture of the inside of the pumpkin. Last year I carved THREE... this year, we did one.

I decided to just go with a simple Jack O' Lantern face and stick a candle inside. Here's what I created:

Not too shabby. :-)

Later tonight (I believe it was 7:45ish), Gus and I were in the livingroom cleaning up and Steve was downstairs scooping the litterbox. Our doorbell rang. I instantly freaked out a bit (it's my first instinct) and I called down to Steve that someone just rang our doorbell. He said, "Well... answer the door!!" I explained that it could be a killer at our door (like they'd ring the doorbell, right???). He came up to help me investigate.

When I opened the door, there was no one there, but a bucket was there.

I immediately knew that we had been BOO-ed! I took everything out and was just so touched that someone in our neighborhood (on our street I presume) thought to BOO us!  Here's what was inside our bucket:
The instructions and an explanation.  I cut out the ghost and put it outside just above our doorbell. This way, everyone will know that we've already been BOO-ed.  Somehow, I'll need to see which neighbors were already BOO-ed and try to get items for the ones that weren't, and hope that no one else plans on BOOing the ones that I buy for.

Gus will LOVE this!!

Glow items!! So fun!!

Batman candy-- they must have known that we have a boy!!

Not a fan of guns of any kind, so he won't be getting this one, but we could re-gift it!

Candy, a straw, spider rings, and a skeleton!

I'm so touched that we were picked. There are a lot of houses on our street, and whomever BOO-ed us could have picked anyone else. I'm so glad they choose us and I'm going to head to the Dollar Tree tomorrow to pick out some items to fill a bucket and go BOO two neighbors! I hope they are as excited to get their bucket as we were tonight!!


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