Sunday, January 27, 2013

Preschool Update

Gus leaving preschool on Thursday

We've completed two weeks (four days) of preschool. I'm happy to say that each time has gotten better (mostly) and I'm praying that this next week is even better than the last.

Gus's teacher told me on Tuesday that she took him to music class (they go every Tuesday). She said the first day he was too upset, so he stayed in the classroom. However, she wanted him to go and so he went with the class. He was very upset and didn't want to go into the room, but she went in with him and he was okay. :-)

When I dropped him off on Thursday, there were tears. However, while he was crying, he took his backpack and lunch box and put them into his cubby. He also removed his coat and put it in his cubby, all while crying. It was interesting. He wasn't as distraught when I left, and I stood outside the room talking to one of the other teachers and he quieted down.

I saw that they made penguins, so I took a picture of Gus's penguin.

Lesley and I went to the foyer and were talking and the mom of the twins was coming out. I asked how Gus was and she said he was not crying, but sitting at the table and looked sad, so she told the girls to go sit with him. :-)

When I picked him up on Thursday, he was very excited to see me. He jumped into my arms (didn't cry) and was happy for the first time. He grabbed his backpack and lunch box and said hello to Hugh. His teacher said that he had a really great day! YAY!!!

Enjoying some snuggles after school

Let's hope that this next week is even better!!!


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